Otaku Corner: The U.S. vs Malaysia

Irashaimase to this month’s Otaku Corner! During the first issue of Otaku corner, I managed to interview a friend who was part of the cosplay community in Malaysia. For this session, we will be hearing from a friend all the way from the United States of America! She has been cosplaying for some time and her cosplays are also cool to see. Continue reading Otaku Corner: The U.S. vs Malaysia


Alternate Universe: Part 2

Read Part 1 Here “WHO ARE YOU?!” The first question that came out of Aiko’s lips. She did not mean to be rude but she was not able to suppress her surprise either. Dream or reality, she could not believe what she saw, a replica of her standing before despite having a different gender. “I should ask the same! W-who are you?” The  stranger replied … Continue reading Alternate Universe: Part 2

Living The ‘90s In Style

Alright, it’s confession time, ladies. Have you ever looked through your closet, scanning through the array of pieces in it, thinking, ‘Gosh! I have nothing to wear!’ Admit it, every girl has gone through this dilemma in her life, more often than not. Fashion is definitely a never ending focus of a girl, even with a wardrobe filled to the brim with the latest clothes and up to date accessories! Continue reading Living The ‘90s In Style