Five Unconscious Things Malaysians Do Travelling Abroad

Even after a few weeks of being back in school, most of us (all of us, really) have yet to adjust to the sudden change in lifestyle. Suddenly, we’re being controlled by our clocks again and forced to face the horror of assignments, lectures and this strange feeling of having a purpose in life.

So I bet we’re all longing for the holidays to return, even if we won’t admit it. The good old days of lounging at home or going out with friends, finding the time to read books or watch movies, or if you’re lucky and have the privilege to do so – travel. Continue reading Five Unconscious Things Malaysians Do Travelling Abroad


2019 will be a Good Year

Let’s take a poll: was your 2018 a dumpster fire, or… surprisingly good? Regardless of your answer, we should be able to take our cues from the past year and create a fresh start this 2019. Even if you had a great year, I think there are always still ways to improve your life. You can both love yourself, and want to do better. Continue reading 2019 will be a Good Year

The Four Lecturers You Will Meet in University

The Chill One – The first indicator is that they are not afraid to make NSFW jokes in class; they may even go as far as to swear a few times here and there. You will know for sure that you’ve found one if they don’t mind you addressing them by their first name, sans titles (though, try to tamp down your Asian reflex to scream at that suggestion, as you may startle them). Once you’ve ascertained you’ve met a member of this species, you may safely proceed to study for finals with lecture slides, only referring to the textbook to explain a diagram every once in a while. This species is one that has good faith in students to be academically honest, so go ahead and reference that paper, the one which you only read the abstract of – they won’t notice. Continue reading The Four Lecturers You Will Meet in University

How to Make Your Editor Happy

Hello dear readers. If you’re familiar with our WordPress it’s quite likely that you’ve come across my name several times. That is because I play the role of chief editor to write-ups as well as a secondary editor to creative articles. My point being, I hold a lot of credits. Writing has always been my passion and editing other people’s writing seemed like a natural progression to make once I joined Echo. However, over the six months I’ve noticed a lot of habits from my writers that grind my gears and a lot more that make my day. So without further ado, how to hand in work that will make your editor (or lecturer or boss) happy. Continue reading How to Make Your Editor Happy

How Single People Spend Valentines Day by June Ong

 Hello dear human, does the date 14th of February signify anything to you? It’s Valen…sshhh….hush now, (waggles finger under your nose), noooo…..this is just an ordinary day, just like any other boring mundane lonely depressedDAYS!!!  Shoot, I just blew my cover, didn’t I? Fine you win, I’ll say it (admittedly quite grudgingly): “I’m single, just like I have been the last 19 years and yes … Continue reading How Single People Spend Valentines Day by June Ong