Written by Wong Kit Yin, Nicole.

The reason why this article was titled “Challenge the rules” is because people nowadays seems to have a misconception that wearing expensive brands, chunky jewelries and basically dressing themselves over the top are ways of being fashionable and trendy. Fortunately for us 21st century mankind, a simple tank top and shorts are already sufficient enough to make us appear stylish as well. Thus, in other terms, “Challenge the rules” may also meant defying the ways of dressing up ourselves. There are no rules in fashion and that is one of the many beauties about it. Anyone can wear anything they are pleased with and as long as they feel comfortable in it.

In this new continuation of “Campus Fashion”, Echo is delighted to introduce Ng Zhi Yan, an 18 year-old female student from AUSMAT, and how she is all about challenging the so-called rules of fashion.

Describing her style as “simple” and “nice”, Zhi Yan is all about being casual. In fact, her top three must-haves in her wardrobe are her black shorts, tank tops and short skirts. With that being said, when asked which piece in her closet that she could not live without, she replied that it was her shorts that she could not live without. I could only imagine how many pairs of shorts she has stored in her wardrobe.

Ever wonder where she got her stylish pieces, you might want to take a look at her favourite store—“Factorie”. Zhi Yan thought the clothes there were stylish and they absolutely suit her casual style.

Almost similar to Cara Delevingne, the person she hopes she could dress up like, Zhi Yan has her own distinctive style as she draws no inspiration from her surrounding. Cara Delevingne was also known for challenging the rules of fashion and is one of the few who does not follow the current trends. Instead, she creates them, just like how Zhi Yan is creating her own.

Given a chance to choose between comfort and appearance, Zhi Yan sighted appearance to be more important as it reflects more onto the individual.

After reading this, students belonging to the Diploma in Fine Arts are going to be really happy. This is because Zhi Yan thought that most of the well-dressed people belongs in there.

Check out this slideshow for more of Zhi Yan’s everyday college looks:

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Written by Wong Kit Yin, Nicole

With the burning hot weather in Malaysia, the Malaysian Style is the best way to depict Malaysia’s local street style fashion. From summer dresses to crop-tees, there is no better way to describe Chan Zilin’s style.

Introduced by a mutual friend of ours, Chan Zilin was the first person that came through her mind and I decided that she was the best selection to write Echo’s first article about fashion on campus.

Echo is proud to introduce the 18 year-old Sunway College female student, who is currently enrolling in Foundation in Arts. Not influenced by the programme she studies, she is a natural when it comes to styling herself for classes in college.

Amazed by the way she dresses herself, I was curious by the the real reason behind it. Driven by the hot weather in Malaysia, she said she did not appreciate wearing tops with sleeves and long pants as the weather is a concern for her.

Her style? She loves casual and summer street styles. Instead of wasting too much time thinking how to mix and match her clothes, she prefers wearing simple tee-shirts and crop tops with shorts.

When asked about her favourite brand when it comes to shopping new clothing, she enjoys shopping at H&M. The reason is that H&M has all sorts of clothes, selling at an affordable price.

Like everyone, who loves American and Korean street style fashion, Chan is  in love with Selena Gomez and Tiffany Hwang and hopes she could dress like them.

Her top three must-haves in her closet are her shorts, crop tops and tank tops. Because, well, living in Malaysia is kind of like living near an active volcano.

She also mentioned that she cannot live without her favourite black shorts.

When asked to choose between comfortability and prettiness, she chose clothes that are comfortably pretty. She would not buy if a top is comfortable, but not pretty, and vice versa because she doesn’t want to waste her money on something that makes her uncomfortable or insecure in any way as she is probably going to wear it for the whole day.

Check out here for more of Zilin’s everyday college look:

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