Once Upon A Time (Into The Future)

Last weekend, we were treated to a night with the students of Diploma in Performing Arts from batch 2018, who showcased a series of 8 playlets, titled Once Upon a Time (Into the Future). The theme, “a collection of memories growing up”, was a whimsical and at times sombre contemplation of the past, present and future. The show featured acting, dancing, singing, shrieking (so much shrieking), and even a short silent video clip. Continue reading Once Upon A Time (Into The Future)

Echo Eats: Ranking Your Favorite Malaysian Childhood Snacks

Written by Samantha Chang // Bagai kacang melupakan kulit” – A person who forgets their origins or heritage.

Admittedly, I’m not as Malaysian as I would like to be. To paint a picture:
I recently went to a pasar malam and my first thought was “hygiene, much?”;
I know juuuust enough Malay to make small talk with a Grab driver (and I don’t know any of our other secondary languages); and
90% of the media I consume is Eurocentric to a degree. Continue reading Echo Eats: Ranking Your Favorite Malaysian Childhood Snacks

SISA’s Valentine’s Night

Valentine’s Day is a special day to commemorate the bond between lovers, celebrated on the 14th of February. You can celebrate Valentine’s in countless ways, such as by going on a picnic date, watching a movie, or by going to a Valentine’s event where everyone, even the singles can have fun. Luckily, Sunway International Student Ambassador (SISA) hosted that event the night before Valentine’s Day in Sunway University’s Art Gallery. Continue reading SISA’s Valentine’s Night

The Power of Red

source Written by Ng Li Wei   It’s a time for celebration. The streets are ablaze with bright lanterns. Shopping centres are competing for the unofficial prize of Best Decorated. Generic festive songs are blasting from every radio and speaker in existence. Thousands of cars flock in and out of the city, some doing last minute shopping, some leaving for their hometowns. Car alarms are … Continue reading The Power of Red

Travel Destination: Freycinet National Park

We all know that when we talk about Australia, we’ll bring up places like the Sydney Opera House, the Twelve Apostles, Melbourne City Centre, the massive Uluru rock, and the stunningly beautiful Great Barrier Reef. These five national icons attract the lion’s share of its millions of tourists, and have graced the faces of about an equally large number of postcards sold each year. Continue reading Travel Destination: Freycinet National Park

1970’s Oriental Spring: CNY Celebration 2019

DONG Dong Dong Chiang! The good old Lion Dance has always brought about joy to the crowds and it is also believed to bring prosperity to the premises visited. This time, the lions performed daring stunts on elevated poles, the amazing dancers within leaping with grace and balancing on each other’s shoulders to expertly showcase the fluidity and strength of the lion. The dance presented the perfect opportunity for students to pray for excellence in their studies.

Continue reading 1970’s Oriental Spring: CNY Celebration 2019