Sneakerlah 2019 for Non-Sneakerheads

Sneakerlah is Malaysia’s biggest sneaker, streetwear and lifestyle convention. This year, Sneakerlah is being held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) on the 5th and 6th of October from 10am to 10pm. Continue reading Sneakerlah 2019 for Non-Sneakerheads


Echo Eats: Battle of the Bubble Teas (Part 2)

Greetings! Today, we bring to you Echo Eats: Battle of the Bubble Teas (Part 2), experienced and written by two people on each extreme end of the Bubble Tea Consumer spectrum – 

A Boba Expert 
A Bubble Tea Noob Continue reading Echo Eats: Battle of the Bubble Teas (Part 2)

Fact OR Fiction: Thrifting

Go on YouTube and search up “Thrift Haul” and it’ll be an endless scroll to the bottom of the page. Thrifting is becoming a growing trend among the youth of today, thanks to the internet. Some thrift for the fun of it, some do it because they’re a reseller and some opt for buying second hand because it’s a great way to reduce waste in our planet. You might’ve also been interested in thrifting which is why you clicked on this post, right? And I’m sure you have some questions about it. Well, here’s some common misconceptions about thrifting that we’re going to debunk today. Continue reading Fact OR Fiction: Thrifting

Jalan-Jalan Japan Fashion Haul

Style is a crucial part of our identity. How we choose to dress is an overt description of our personality that we craft ourselves. Some of us follow fashion trends that change every season, while some dress up only on special occasions. Regardless of which category you fall under, it’s hard to deny that most of us spend too much time in the closet trying to figure out our next move. So – should we get new clothes to remedy this fashion fever? Society has long ingrained within us the belief that dressing well comes with a hefty price tag. However, being college and university students, we have to adhere to a stricter budget than most of us would like. This is where a new trend comes in – thrifting. Continue reading Jalan-Jalan Japan Fashion Haul


Written by Wong Kit Yin, Nicole. The reason why this article was titled “Challenge the rules” is because people nowadays seems to have a misconception that wearing expensive brands, chunky jewelries and basically dressing themselves over the top are ways of being fashionable and trendy. Fortunately for us 21st century mankind, a simple tank top and shorts are already sufficient enough to make us appear … Continue reading CHALLENGE THE RULES