Mr. Awk Ward

By Trisha Leong We’ve all had that “Oh my god what do I do now” moment. Enduring long and cringy silences, explaining a joke to a bunch of people who didn’t get it (and worse, having them still not understand), high-fives left unnoticed, your crush standing beside you as you grapple for something - no, anything! - to say, only to later regret what just came tumbling out of your cheeseburger-filled mouth… Awkwardness is real. So what can we do about it?


You never did.

Source: Tumblr Written by Chua Jia Ying   You told me that I was the apple of your eye. You told me that I was all you needed. You told me that we only had each other. You told me that you would never abandon me. You told me that you loved me. For years,... Continue Reading →

If Life Were A Movie

By Alexandra Goh We all love movies. Whether it is a nerve-wracking horror movie, or a colorful eye-popping musical film, all of them possess the same aspects. These include key elements such as actors, plot, screenplay, visuals, themes, audio, special effects and other miscellaneous details. Thus, have you ever wondered how your very own life would be like if it were portrayed as a movie? Or if everything in life, was generally morphed into a movie-like atmosphere?  

How to Focus in a Blurry World

In an era where distractions are as common as the next traffic stop, it is of no surprise that society and hence ourselves, are losing our grip on the issues that matter most. If an armed conflict happens somewhere in the Middle East, the authorities will react immediately. However, if there is a hungry child on the streets of Niger begging for food – he can wait. Simply put, we have an innate bias for one thing over another, even if it is harder and the outcome is less desirable.

Emotional Preparation for Studying Overseas

by Trisha Leong   University is the place where we, as young adults, discover more about ourselves and plan our futures to the furthest extents possible. Some of us push the boundaries of our learning experience even further by making the decision to continue our studies in a foreign land. By doing so, a new... Continue Reading →

A Letter To The Hidden Ones

Dear you, We live in a world filled with inventions in this 21st century. An era of modernisation, an era of a new society, a new well-being, a new character built in every single living being residing on this planet. It is an era of new ideas, which started small from new thoughts. Thoughts to create new inventions to support and aid this new era of globalisation. ‘New’: a word that speaks out as different; not just a replacement of something that was lost or broken or thrown away.

What Growing a Tomato Plant Taught Me About Life

Earlier this January, the fact that I was going to turn 20 this year hit me like a ton of bricks. In my eyes, I was a child trying on adult-sized pants, and I was vastly unprepared to face the real world. So like any teenager facing a quarter-life crisis, I rushed to do anything that promised to help me make sense of life. As chance would have it, I was scrolling through Facebook one midnight when I came across Free Tree Society’s announcement that they would be giving away, well--free trees!

Anxiety and Me: An Interview

Mental illnesses are hard to detect - one must be extremely attentive to the little details in order to do so. Precisely because there is no set of objective symptoms, the ignorance towards all issues related to mental illness is alarming.

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