Anxiety and Me: An Interview

Mental illnesses are hard to detect - one must be extremely attentive to the little details in order to do so. Precisely because there is no set of objective symptoms, the ignorance towards all issues related to mental illness is alarming.


Mindfulness: 4 Simple Exercises To Reduce Stress

As a university student, you find yourself constantly performing a balancing act - from assignments to extracurricular activities to revising for your exams. You wear a smile on your face, but deep down you know that you are tired and stressed out. Little things can trigger a volcano eruption from the inside, effortlessly. You wake up in the morning, study, sleep; and the process repeats itself automatically as if you were programmed to do so forevermore. We are so often caught up in this hustle and bustle of life. How often do we stop and pay our full attention to the things around us? When was the last time we tuned in to our bodies, our minds, and our emotions?

Reconciling Self and Society

Written by Samantha Chang     In the age of hipsters and Keala Settle's catchy new hit, we won’t be running out of reminders for us to be true to ourselves anytime soon. The idea is not a novel one: from Nietzsche to Camp Rock, the message has been reiterated throughout the ages - and... Continue Reading →

The 5 Love Languages

Image Source Written by Clara Lai   Regardless of race, gender, nationality and all the other labels that have come to divide us, it is undeniable that all of us in this world share a common experience linking us all together - love. Love is what humanises humans and paints colours in a monochrome world;... Continue Reading →

Letter to Myself // 2018

Written by Natasha Effendy   Dear me,   Let’s face it. 2017 was half-crappy. You went through so much crap: social paranoia, strong insecurities/second-thinking, emotionally turbulent mood swings, moments when you hated yourself, when you thought it was futile, when you got hurt in every way, when you thought you weren’t good enough etc. You... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to a Relaxing Study Session

By Clara Lai and Chua Jia Ying   Read and learn. When you are in college or university, with one assignment coming after the other in rapid succession, reading is the very last thing you’d want to do. But - just hear us out - reading is to the mind what exercise is to the... Continue Reading →

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