Return to Light: Youth Mental Health Forum

The Youth Mental Health Forum: Enhancing, Empowering and Strengthening Mental Health Services was held on the 11th of September in JC1, Sunway University. The forum was a part of the Return to Light: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Campaign event that was held for 2 consecutive days on the 11th and 12th of September. Continue reading Return to Light: Youth Mental Health Forum


ECHO: Stories from 2018

For our last article of 2018, ECHO has decided at the suggestion of one of our writers, Natasha, to compile a series of passages from our members. The prompt: what was a significant memory from your 2018?   I think the best thing that’s happened to me is probably how I wrote a book of poems – mostly prose and micro-poetry, but some basic poems … Continue reading ECHO: Stories from 2018

I’m Better than You

Most of us have had that feeling of being watched as we walked past a big crowd or entered an unfamiliar room for the first time. Depending on our self esteem, we would have felt either superior or inferior to these strangers (unless we were too tired or hungry to care about the thoughts of others). However, it is more common for a majority of us to feel the latter rather than possess the feeling that we are a step above others. But why is this? Continue reading I’m Better than You

Mr. Awk Ward

By Trisha Leong

We’ve all had that “Oh my god what do I do now” moment. Enduring long and cringy silences, explaining a joke to a bunch of people who didn’t get it (and worse, having them still not understand), high-fives left unnoticed, your crush standing beside you as you grapple for something – no, anything! – to say, only to later regret what just came tumbling out of your cheeseburger-filled mouth…

Awkwardness is real. So what can we do about it? Continue reading Mr. Awk Ward

If Life Were A Movie

By Alexandra Goh
We all love movies. Whether it is a nerve-wracking horror movie, or a colorful eye-popping musical film, all of them possess the same aspects. These include key elements such as actors, plot, screenplay, visuals, themes, audio, special effects and other miscellaneous details. Thus, have you ever wondered how your very own life would be like if it were portrayed as a movie? Or if everything in life, was generally morphed into a movie-like atmosphere?   Continue reading If Life Were A Movie

How to Focus in a Blurry World

In an era where distractions are as common as the next traffic stop, it is of no surprise that society and hence ourselves, are losing our grip on the issues that matter most. If an armed conflict happens somewhere in the Middle East, the authorities will react immediately. However, if there is a hungry child on the streets of Niger begging for food – he can wait. Simply put, we have an innate bias for one thing over another, even if it is harder and the outcome is less desirable. Continue reading How to Focus in a Blurry World