5 Malaysian Films You Gotta See

The beauty of Malaysian film is the way it caters to the uniqueness of our humor and language Continue reading 5 Malaysian Films You Gotta See


Have You Heard of These On-Screen Families?

What makes a good film?

On live TV, movie legend Francis Ford Coppola disclosed that a deep yearning to tell a story exactly as imagined ⎼ to have the same vision outputted as seen going in ⎼ is key to keeping the integrity of a film and the respect and admiration of the movie critics who ultimately drop the gavel on whether a film is good or not. It’s a proper sentiment about the core of a quality movie, but the mastermind behind as large a success as The Godfather must have some unique modus operandi to have kicked all those successful pictures into gear. Continue reading Have You Heard of These On-Screen Families?

Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

And so it comes to a close. Avengers Endgame is a beautiful movie. Full of split-second frames of pure ecstatic energy, the kind of shots that comic fans will gush over for mirroring their favourite runs or will fill film fans with a satisfied glee that comes with seeing the filmmakers hit a home run. The pacing, while slow, gives weight to each character’s journey as they complete their arcs, stringing the audience along as it moves with purpose. It is because of our history with these characters that the filmmakers feel confident enough to take us to intimate places. Continue reading Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

Captain Marvel Movie Review

Written by Fajar binti Benjamin // Look, I am the target audience for Captain Marvel, so to disentangle my hopes and my knee-jerk defensiveness from the reality of this movie was a herculean task. There was a lot of bad press around this movie that I was willing to ignore as long as the movie delivered on what I’d been deriving from fanfiction and what if posts on Tumblr from as young as 15. Steve Rogers as a woman, Tony Stark as a woman, Natasha Romanoff as a more prominent character, stories that utilised the unique experiences of being a girl, set in a world I’ve desperately wanted to be a part of for so long. Continue reading Captain Marvel Movie Review

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Review

Creatures, magic and mystery galore! This Fantastic Beasts sequel spends its screentime whipping around fast-paced action scenes and chocks itself full of Easter Eggs with such rapid succession that it masks its (sadly flimsy) plot with delightful entertainment. As a devout Harry Potter fan, watching Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald over the weekend left me with a lot of Thoughts™ I’m eager to share. Continue reading Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Review

Gol & Gincu Vol 2 Movie Review

Gol dan Gincu Vol.2, 3 words: progressive, fun, heartwarming. This is a reboot of the original Gol dan Gincu TV series and movie from 2005. Originally an enemies-to-lovers romcom somehow involving futsal as a catalyst to the main characters’ relationship growth, Gol dan Gincu was never much of a hit. However, this reboot, switching up the main theme from love to friendship and including a diverse cast of misfits on the futsal team has breathed new life into this franchise. Continue reading Gol & Gincu Vol 2 Movie Review

5 Horror Movies to Haunt You this Halloween

source Written by Ng Li Wei   If you’re someone like me, you absolutely cannot watch horror movies because they haunt you continuously after you leave the cinema – but on the rare occasion I feel adventurous enough to do so, I expect the horror movie to be good. I’m talking about the quality of the film as a whole: its ability to build up … Continue reading 5 Horror Movies to Haunt You this Halloween


Written by Fajar binti Benjamin
TOM CRUISE. Tom Cruise is an honest-to-God psychopath, there’s no denying it. But goddamn if he doesn’t frickin’ go for it. Unfortunately, the first and only other Mission Impossible movie I’ve been subjected to is the second one, and it was so god-awful bad that the idea of seeing another one was incomprehensible to me. A job is a job though, so I went into this movie with all my cringe shields up, prepared to tear it a new one… Continue reading MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT