Echo Eats: Which Chicken Rice is the Best?

In this iteration of Echo Eats, we went on a manhunt to find out where we can find the best rendition in town of this dish that has become synonymous with the Malaysian food scene – a plate of steamy chicken rice.


Echo Eats: Battle of the Shaved Ices

This month on Echo Eats, we decided to do something a little different and a little pricier - we tried out three different takes on the shaved ice dessert! Korean and Japanese versions of shaved ice are growing ever the more popular among students due to the trendy vibe of the restaurants and the staggering size of the deserts, so we thought we’d go see what all the fuss is about and how it compares to our own Malaysian ABC.

Echo Eats: Which Popular Hamburger is the Best?

Welcome back to your monthly instalment of Echo Eats, where we review and hunt for food to enhance your student experience here at Sunway. This month, we tackle a fast food classic: the hamburger. The original hamburger was invented in Texas in the late 1880s. Since its introduction, it has evolved into the global food phenomenon that’s been known and loved for decades, and undergone several iterations, most notably the McDonald’s Big Mac. With an estimated 900 million sold annually, this classic burger continues to feed happy customers 51 years after its introduction, practically ruling the fast food market.

Echo Eats: Which cafe has the best Spaghetti Carbonara?

This month on Echo, our team has decided to embark on a new project, one that we believe everyone is passionate about: Food. From the cup noodles we snatch up from vending machines on deadline nights, to the novel, opulent cafes we seek out with friends to marvel at, food is central to the student experience. It is the silent witness to our most intimate conversations, to our roughest nights and to our happiest celebrations. Hence, we at Echo are proud to introduce the first article of a monthly series known as Echo Eats, where we review and hunt for foods to enhance your student experience here at Sunway. For our first installment, we decided to undertake a classic comfort food: spaghetti carbonara.

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