TEDx Ignited

TEDx Sunway Club held their final salon event for the year on 24th October 2019. This time, the event was titled IGNITED, and they had speakers that ignited their flaming ideas to the audience that evening. The speakers that were invited that evening all consisted of talented Sunway students and alumni; Carmen Koh, Yumitra Kannan, Clarence Tong and Chow Shenn Kuan.  Continue reading TEDx Ignited

UN Rock the Goals Concert: Shine a Light on Sustainability

Rock The Goals – Malaysia’s Biggest United Nations Concert was held on the 25th of September 2019 in JC Hall, Sunway University. The concert was held to raise awareness towards the achievement of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in conjunction with the celebration of  the 4th anniversary of the 17 SDGs. Due to the haze that clouded Sunway, the venue of the event this year changes from the usual football field to indoor JC hall, but that did not reduce the excitement for our Sunway students. This yearly event has always been one of the biggest events for Sunway so this year was definitely no exception! Continue reading UN Rock the Goals Concert: Shine a Light on Sustainability


On Thursday the 12th of September, a forum regarding the significance of social media in entrepreneurship and personal branding took place in GC Hall 3. The forum was organised by TedXSunwayUniversity with the intriguing Latin title ‘Patefacio’ which means ‘to disclose’ or ‘bring to light’. The panellists included a variety of characters with very different backgrounds and experiences, but all who are entrepreneurs capitalizing on social media presence in their own way.  Continue reading Patefacio

Return to Light: Youth Mental Health Forum

The Youth Mental Health Forum: Enhancing, Empowering and Strengthening Mental Health Services was held on the 11th of September in JC1, Sunway University. The forum was a part of the Return to Light: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Campaign event that was held for 2 consecutive days on the 11th and 12th of September. Continue reading Return to Light: Youth Mental Health Forum