Book Review: Renegades

Written by Shuvern Yeoh   Renegades Author: Marissa Meyer Publisher: 2017, Macmillan Children’s Book "If people wanted to stand up for themselves or protect their loved ones or do what they believe in their hearts is the right thing to do, then they would do it. If they wanted to be heroic, they would find... Continue Reading →


You Won’t Believe What Reading A Book A Day Has Done To Me

Source: Tumblr Written by Chua Jia Ying   Two weeks into my semester break in November, I started going through an awfully repetitive routine each day. Eventually, being the hyperactive energizer bunny that I am, I was bored out of my brains (I cleaned the entire house, twice) and in desperate need of a change... Continue Reading →

The 5 Love Languages

Image Source Written by Clara Lai   Regardless of race, gender, nationality and all the other labels that have come to divide us, it is undeniable that all of us in this world share a common experience linking us all together - love. Love is what humanises humans and paints colours in a monochrome world;... Continue Reading →

Letter to Myself // 2018

Written by Natasha Effendy   Dear me,   Let’s face it. 2017 was half-crappy. You went through so much crap: social paranoia, strong insecurities/second-thinking, emotionally turbulent mood swings, moments when you hated yourself, when you thought it was futile, when you got hurt in every way, when you thought you weren’t good enough etc. You... Continue Reading →


Image Source Written By Fajar Binti Benjamin   I know what you’re thinking, “what does this single chick know about romance?”. Well, just because I don’t have a boyfriend, doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want from one. It just means that I’m used to paying for everything by myself and therefore, know how... Continue Reading →

Things We Love (and Hate) About Chinese New Year

Photo credits By Faith Ling Hsern Zhen Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Chinese New Year is one of my favourite celebrations (after Christmas, of course). And living in Selangor, where it’s populated by around 1,499,400 (Source: Malaysian Department of Statistics, 2015) people of Chinese ethnicity, it’s no challenge to–almost literally–paint the town... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Calligrapher’s Daughter

 Written by Shuvern Yeoh   The Calligrapher’s Daughter Author: Eugenia Kim Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2009 “Without having to confine my dreams to the destiny outlined in one’s name and the expectations bestowed during one’s naming, I was left free to embrace the natural turns of my character and to determine my own future, drawing from the... Continue Reading →

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