By Raeesah Hayatudin

As many of you will know, Sunway College has held Open Days on the 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th of March 2017 – we’ve all seen the huge, grand boards set up in the University providing visitors with information about the Open Days, about alumni of Sunway University, et cetera. On the 19th of March, Sunday, my friends and I volunteered in the Physics lab to help our lecturer out with presenting the Physics exhibits to visiting high school students and their families.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why in the world we would be so eager to get up early and go to college on a precious Sunday morning: well, perhaps it’s because we all have a soft spot for our Physics lecturer, but mostly we thought it would be a very interesting opportunity to handle and learn about complicated instruments which we may not get to see during the course of our A Level programme. We were especially amazed since, having just started our A Levels in January 2017, our time spent in high school was not so long ago, and back then, we’d only ever dreamed of experiments such as the ones we saw that day, or stared at pictures of them in textbooks in bewildered awe – “How on earth does it work?!” And it was a great experience! Not only did we get to fiddle with the Physics experiments all we wanted, but we managed to visit the Biology and Chemistry exhibits in the other labs as well.

Every science student should have the opportunity to get hands-on experience on cool science experiments like anyone with a child’s curiosity would, I say. It doesn’t have to be all memorization and relentless studying late into the nights.

Onto the exhibits! In the Physics lab, we had about eight exhibits set up, some experiments demonstrating several concepts or helping with calculations in Physics. Pictured below is an experiment involving the use of a diffraction grating, a laser and a gigantic protractor to help calculate the wavelength of light with the help of a particular formula.


Below is an intriguing device called a Wimshurst machine, a device to generate static electricity (if you look closely at the image, you can see a spark – it’s essentially mini-lightning!) and can produce voltages up to around 300 kV.


Below, a signal generator connected to an oscilloscope, serving several purposes including to allow us to learn how to calculate the frequency of a wave.


Below is a sneak peek into what we’ll learn in Quantum Physics: this is a spectrum tube for krypton gas, showing the colour that appears when the tube is connected to a power supply and krypton atoms become excited.


And down here, well… don’t tell Mr Kingsley we played around with his refraction glass blocks probably a bit too much than appropriate!


Moving on from the Physics lab, I have to admit that the animal exhibits in the Biology lab were my absolute favourite. I know the animal exhibits are held every Open Day, but somehow it never gets old, even after so many years.

Meet Mags, the adorable leopard gekho! He developed an endearing attachment to one of my friends – or rather, the sleeve of her sweatshirt. The underside of his jaw is unbelievably soft, and the rest of his skin feels, as one of my friends commented, “as if it’s been sprinkled with baby powder.” He’s very friendly and also curious! You can tell that each of the gekhos have their own distinct personalities, and the way they always seem to be smiling is really sweet.

(A fun fact for you: leopard gekhos store their nutrients in their tail and you can tell how healthy they are by the condition of their tail.)


On the topic of telling stories of reptiles who become terribly attached to sweatshirts (perhaps for warmth?), this handsome little guy too was practically stuck to my friend’s arm for just about more than twenty minutes. Snakes are much softer and smoother to the touch than they look, and make for quiet and intelligent companions.


Here is Mags caught having a rather aggressive staring competition with Candycane, a corn snake.


In the Chemistry lab, we met a few students from the MUFY programme who were so kind as to demonstrate several experiments for us.

This experiment below is part of the “Rainbow Connection” experiment, and composes of several steps which show several properties of pH indicators, and cause all the colours of the rainbow to appear and then disappear. This experiment helps show us a new way of thinking of how acids and bases react, since indicators themselves are weak acids or bases.

The colours produced in this experiment are very intense. Colours in the beakers, from right to left: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo.


Here is the stunning reaction between potassium permanganate and glycerol, a flammable alcohol. A brilliant flame is produced a few seconds after glycerol is added to some solid potassium permanganate, and it then fades down after a while to a vibrant yellow-and-red flame before dying away completely.


If you ever were considering helping out in the labs during the Open Days when you’re free, I hope this account was helpful to you; and if you do eventually volunteer, I hope you enjoy the short but beneficial experience as much as my friends and myself did!

Sunway Unite Revelation by Esther Cheok

‘Your Music, Your Night’


Organized by Sunway Music Society, this very ‘lit’ event was held on Thursday, 8th September from 7-11pm, with an estimated number of students attendance of 700-800. With tickets available from as low as rm10, students were able to enthralled by various performances. There were even special guest performances, among them being, the Sunway University Choir, Sunway University Ensemble, the band Back2Basixx, the and of course, the DJ Deonix who pumped the whole Jeffery Cheah Hall up with his sick beats during the rave session.


It was a particularly unique experience for me as I did not go to enjoy the event alone, but rather to help out as well. I was among the 20 volunteers under the Sunway Student Volunteer club to have been chosen to help out in the event. Being in charge of taking care of the crowd flow by ensuring people only entered and exited through the right doors allowed me to be able to watch the performances as well. There were a number of dance performances, vocal performances and even beatboxing. There was a lucky draw competition in addition to all the invigorating happenings, and the emcee of the event would read out winning numbers in between the acts.

After all the performances were over, the lights finally dimmed and it was time to rave. The party lasted all the way till midnight; and even then, students wished it had lasted longer. With the participants tired and sweaty, it was no doubt a satisfying event.

Need For Sleep by Chloe Kong

Disclaimer: I apologize for the lateness but I hope that dear readers enjoyed the campaign as much as I have!

What started out with just a project for PR (Public Relations and Management) and CC (Corporate Communication) students turned into something that is both influential and close to home.  Its awareness have certainly spread throughout the semester. It has also given us the wake up call we certainly need about being sleep deprived.

As students, sleep is something that we tend to forgo in order to complete our assignments or studies (or maybe other leisure activities). For whatever the reason, sleep is often neglected. Hence, the purpose of this campaign is to draw our attentions to this matter and it certainly has.

From the Bubble Sports to the actual campaign, each activity was carefully planned and the crew spent their sleepless nights attempting to deliver their very best to the students of Sunway University. The result was that their hard work certainly did pay off.

With the help from Coleman, the students were able to enjoy and literally relax throughout the campaign. Coleman has sponsored several comfy furniture for the students to kick back and chill~

Prior to the event, there was even a bed placed in the library for students to take a nap! A big thank you shout out to Coleman Malaysia. Besides the napping area in the library, there was also the Pillow Talk, Sleep Quiz and the Snap A Napper Contest for students to participate!


Image credits to Need For Sleep Sunway

The campaign began with its opening ceremony on the 13.6.2016. Packed with the prize-giving ceremony after the speech by our respected guests, there was also an exhibition available for viewing.  Students were able to learn about sleep and what happens if one lacks of it from this exhibition.

And finally, what the public has been waiting for~~ the relaxation/ nap station that was held on the last day of the campaign! The usual lively  Student Hub was turned into a place for taking naps and relaxation~

At the Nap Station, students are allowed to take naps and distress from their daily hectic schedule. Students who entered the nap room not only slept but they also spent time with their peers. It was as thought that they had a sleepover at campus, which was really fun to watch.

(Top 2 Photos by Christopher Liew)

13433064_260820827614965_3047826349422371642_o Picture by the Need For Sleep Sunway Crew

Lastly, a big big thank you for the crew! Without their sleepless sacrifice, we would not be able to experience such a fun and exciting campaign within the campus premises.


The crew (Image by Need For Sleep Sunway)

Student Leadership Retreat @ OutBac Broga, Selangor

Article by Mr. Kenneth Khoo
Edited and Published by ECHO

The Sunway Student Services Department organized its annual Student Leadership Retreat camp on the 27th-28th May 2016. This 2-day, 1-night camp aimed to gather all of the Student Leadership Bodies’(SLB) representatives to network and build comradery among each other as most of the representatives were newly elected into the position. Furthermore, the SLB representatives also took this opportunity to take a break from their usual, hectic study life as Outbac Broga provided a relaxing getaway for the students. The SSD representatives which includes Mr Ken, Mr Kenneth, Mr Rafiq, Mr Alvin, Mr Jeremy and Ms Jun were also tagging along as their retreat facilitators and of course joining in the fun through the retreat activities provided by the camp organizers.

The team checked into the location around 1:30pm to settle their luggage and have lunch provided by the camp organizers. After lunch, the student leaders were split into groups of 3 in order to participate the Team Building session conducted by the camp moderators. The teambuilding session which includes 6 mini games such as the Wild Uzi (A balancing activity where team members need to support each other weight on a metal wire), Human Centipede (Team members need to form a human chain and swim across the river together), Wall Climbing (Team members need to cross a wall via climbing), Mouse Trap (Team members need to solve a puzzle through a mouse trap), Obstacle Course (Teams need to finish a number of obstacle courses) and lastly Free Fall (Teams need to catch their members dropping from the sky!). Lastly, the teams would need to build a DIY-raft and they will raced it off among each other through the river and back into the starting point, which tested both teamwork and competitiveness among the student leaders. The team building activities not only educated our student leaders to build onto their team chemistry and bond new friendships, but each activity brings a significant survival skill which would prove useful during unexpected, dangerous disaster events. Talk about having such great team building activities!


The journey across the lake

After the team building session, the student leaders were given a short free and easy session before dinner. I myself with Mr Ken, Mr Rafiq, Mr Jeremy and some of our student leaders had a casual basketball session which brings out the enjoyment and athletic side from ourselves. Although it was a really short session, we all have lots of fun and laughing while shooting some hoops down as basketball is considered a physical contact sport to others. After dinner, we headed back into the indoor hall and continued our sessions hosted by the SSD team. The first session which was conducted by Ms Jun (Some students were thinking she was one of the student leaders thou haha!) was a personality test called DISC. The test was carried out to determine each and everyone’s dominant and inferior personality trait where one can either be a Dominant, Influential, Steadiness and Conscientious type which initials makes up for the DISC meaning. Next, Mr Alvin conducted a Mindfulness session which helped the student leaders to discover their personal agenda in order to help communicate and bond well when working with other members through collaborations. After those session, the student leaders and facilitators were given another Free & Easy Session throughout the night where they were treated with late-night snacks, card games and some guitar-singing session by our very own Mr Alvin! 😉


On the second day of the retreat, we were anticipating our hiking trip up to the top peak of Broga Hill. However, lady luck wasn’t on our side as the trip was cancelled due to non-stop rain and it might endanger our student leaders during the hike. Fortunately, the rain stopped after several hours and we were still able to participate both the Flying Fox and Rock Climbing activities which were a great exposure to our student leaders, I, for myself is acrophobic (Which is a term to use onsomeone who is a afraid of heights) and trying out the Flying Fox was incredibly satisfying and awesome, despite having both my hands and feet shaking during the peak of the tower. After completing both of the extreme sports, the students were given a recap session by the Head of Student Development/Sports, Mr Ken on Leadership. He mentioned that it’s crucial to have both fun and seriousness when being a leader.


Gliding through~

Besides that, he emphasize that leadership is always about leading and learning especially at a young age where our student leaders have the great opportunity and platform to learn within our campus. Lastly, he noted that second chances are given to all student leaders as everyone makes mistake in the beginning and are always in the learning process in order to be the ideal leader and is ready for the “Real” world. Once the recap session ended, everyone grouped in for a photoshoot and bid farewell to Outbac Broga before heading back home to Sunway University. Overall, this annual student leadership retreat was really rewarding and it’s great for both SSD team and the student leaders to enjoy and building friendships among one another, bringing back great memories from the trip and having a refreshing time before stepping into the big shoes as the campus’s student leaders.


Raising Future Leaders by P.R.E.M

Article and Photos by the P.R.E.M

Edited and Published by ECHO

With poverty on going, many children would lose the opportunity to gain the much needed experience and knowledge that could aid them in their futures. With that in mind, comes the formation of P.R.E.M, the Public Relations and Events Management (P.R.E.M) team   and their memorable one day Youth Leadership Camp dedicated to these youngsters.

Despite the tired and sleepless days of planning, the Youth  Leadership camp was a success. In order to fund the camp, the team held a donation drive before the camp. Their efforts bore fruit when the students managed to collect a staggering RM11,000 from the donation drive that was held on campus grounds! And, in a blink of an eye, the day of the camp has arrived.

June the 4th, it was like any other weekend in Malaysia but it was certainly an eye opening and exciting experience  for the underprivileged youths from Rumah Hope, Rumah Kids, House of Joy, Precious Children’s home and Kebajikan Karunai Illam who participated in the Youth Leadership Camp recently at Sunway University campus.33 underprivileged youths from five respective homes took part in this camp that was facilitated by none other than the P.R.E.M team themselves.

With the help of 2 lecturers, the 24 Department of Communication and Liberal Arts students worked hard  to achieve their goals in developing future leaders and inspiring the underprivileged youths to strive for their dreams .“We (P.R.EM) strongly believe that the participants will succeed when they are given the right encouragement and opportunities. Our programme wished to empower them by developing important skills such as leadership, decision making and communication skills. The camp also emphasized on problem solving skills and building confidence to ensure they are prepared to face the society and overcome obstacles in the future,” said Ryan Lee Kin Soon, Project Director of Youth Leadership Camp 2016.

Photo 1

Group photo  with P.R.E.M and the other participants.

“All of the participants excelled  in each activities without any difficulties. Furthermore, we also noticed that the participants possess huge potential and we really hope that we can continue to contribute in their success. These youths should be given the equal opportunities to hone their skills which are crucial for their personal development,” he added

In a single day, the participants were able to experience different things through various activities that were carefully planned out for them. Many thrilling exercises awaited them that day. Among the exercises held included the academic and leadership workshop, treasure hunt, field sports and there was also even a talent show! These activities did not only arm the attendees with leadership qualities but they also helped in enhancing their (the attendees’) personal attributes.

Photo 2

Leadership on the go in one of the activities

“I’ve participated in other leadership programme before, but Youth Leadership Camp 2016 is something different. The programme were well-balanced with both academic and non-academic activities. The facilitators were very encouraging as they took the time to guide us through each activities. Overall, I had a lot of fun and I have also gained loads of experience in communicating and collaborating with other participants from different homes,” said Joe Satiah, one of the participants from Precious Children’s Home.

It was a job well done to the organizing team as the event came to a close. The participants returned with new skills added to their repertoire while the P.R.E.M team returned home tired but with their hearts filled with warmth.

Photo 3

Mission accomplished!



Sports and Sleep: A bubbly sport event

Written by Chloe Kong
Photographs taken by Christopher Liew

A pre-event before the actual campaign, Need For Sleep. This event is not your average sport. With Bubble in its name, it could be mistaken as a sport that is gentle and interesting but on the contrary, it is just the opposite. If you are in for a rough and tough sport, this could be the sport just for you.

Snugly strapped in a bubble or a hamster ball, the participants are required to team up with four other players. The team would have to choose one teammate as the team’s marker. Similar to the American Football’s touchdown, the marker would have to “touchdown” on the opposite side of the playing field. The remaining players would act as the defender or attacker of the team by bumping into the opponents or slowing the other team’s marker in their path.

Nevertheless, it was a thrilling event. Here, we managed to ask several participants and the supervisor, Mr Suffian about the event.



Question to the participants:

What made you join the event and what do you think of it?

Sam Khoo: I was invited by a friend. It was really fun and tiring.

Zi Qin: It is scary because the guys are rough but it is fun.

Nabila: I was invited by a friend but it was okay.

Wen Wen: Not bad, but it seems dangerous though.

Zafwan: I initially joined to fill up the spaces. It is really tiring but really really fun.

Alireza: I joined it to be with friends. I think it is interesting. Joining these kind of games once in awhile is fun.



Question to Mr. Suffian: 

As the supervisor of the campaign, what made you support the students idea? Seeing as how the sport is rough and all that.

For starters, it is a fundraising event. I personally think that it can add in spice and make things interesting. Plus, it can also give an outlook about sleep. How important sleep is and its core relation it is to exercise. However, the event is a double axe sword. For one, it acts as a fundraising event for the actual campaign in June and it also creates the buzz that acts as a publicity for the campaign.


————————————————————————–Overall, the sports was pretty rough and intense, especially when the players collided with each other. Injuries here and there could be found but at the end of the day, the players had fun in all good cause

A night with Culture by Chloe Kong

On a Friday night when everyone went home to enjoy the weekend, the Chinese Society has organized an event for all to participate. Despite the busy schedule, many took the time off to come all the way to Sunway University just to witness this event.A night filled with tones of performances, the crew worked hard to make the event a success. From the planning to the execution, it was done well.

The night started off with a speech by the honorable guest. She used two languages back-to-back to show how much support she has for this event as well as to match the occasion. What wow-ed the crowd was the activity held to mark the commencement of the Chinese Cultural Night, and that is…the painting of the neon banner that glowed in the dark.


Neon banner and it glows in the dark!

From the old to the new, the night was filled with and array of performances. From instruments to dances, each performer gave their heart and soul to that very moment. As an old saying goes, “台上三分钟,台下十年功” or rather the three minutes on stage is equivalent to ten years worth of hard work. Their hard work and dedication paid off as the crowd cheered for them.

Even though traditional aspects of the Chinese culture was the main thing, each performance was unique and different from one another. These performance incorporated some of the familiar modern cultures that we know today so it was really refreshing. It certainly has brought a new breath of life to the culture that may perish in time.


Male dancers ready to rock the stage

Another thing that was really impressive was that, the performances were not just catered for the old but it was also catered for the younger audiences as well. Hence, you can say the they were enjoyed by people of all ages.


All in all, it was worth the night! Prior to the commencement of the event, I had no clue as to what was going to happen when I stepped into the hall. Right after the first performance, I found myself looking forward to the other performances that came after that. It was a really worth while night.

TLdr: For the performances, we have uploaded the video clips onto our youtube channel so feel free to click the link below :>

P.S: You may need to crank up the volume to listen.

Let Your Body Speak 2016 by Chloe Kong

As a human, we are unable to read other people’s minds. If there is anything that could transcend words, that would be actions. In this era, the phrase “Actions speak louder than words,” is not something uncommon or so to speak. Every move you make could tell others about what you are thinking and such.

On 13th of April, the Peer Counseling Volunteers held a workshop to talk about body language. An interesting workshop conducted by Miss Jun from the Student Services Department’s Counseling unit. Many students turned up for the event to learn more. Other than students, there were lecturers present too. From the top of the head, to the end of the toes, Ms. Jun covered several pointers regarding the body language, such as the postures, the eye movements and many more!


Ms. Jun explaining about our voice

The event was very knowledgeable. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Miss Jun covered about how each part of our bodies move under different condition. One of the examples would be how the eyes would look to the left when you recalling something. (Writer’s quirk: perhaps that is how you can tell when someone is lying?)

Besides the presentations, there were also other interactive activities. After each topic introduction, Miss Jun would get the attendees to pair up. Depending on the topic shown on the slide, each person would be required to perform different tasks.It was fun to watch as the participants seriously attempted these tasks.

Long lectures or talks can be dull and it can be hard to capture the attention of the people who are listening. Hence, Miss Jun used pictures and videos to keep the talk going. Personally, I really liked the Charlie Chaplin video. Despite being audio-less and colourless, it was really entertaining and fun to watch.

What is more, the PCV members were really helpful and spontaneous. All of them were involved in the demonstrations. Each member performed really well in this segment. Laughter can be heard as they did their best to demonstrate the various body language for our better understanding.

Overall, it was something worthwhile and informative. Kudos to PCV for coming with this event! I am so glad to be able to attend this.


Hari Perpaduan

Written by Esther Cheok

Photos by Lakshimi

Organised jointly by Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi Malaysia and Sunway University, the major event Hari Perpaduan (Unity Day) took place on Thursday, 14th April.

A large crowd flocked outside of JC-1 Hall by 10.30am; not for no reason –there were many entertaining performances that took place. Not to mention, there were also many booths representing the different ethnic groups of Malaysia. There were booths that represented Baba Nyonas, Kadazans, Kristang, Serani, and many others. One is bound to learn a lot from them. The large crowd consisted of students from various universities, who were here to compete in the Hari Perpaduan sports friendly matches.


Ms.Lee and the crew looking good in traditional clothing (Y)

A media conference was held before the forum, of whom Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education, YB Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching, the guest of honour of the occasion, was present. She shared her thoughts on education in Malaysia, and stressed that it is extremely important for students to have a balanced and holistic education.

Not long after, the forum finally commenced at JC-1 Hall. Titled ‘Between Desire and Hope- Ethnic Relations and the Notion of Bangsa Malaysia’. The forum was moderated by YBhg. Prof Leong Choon Heng of Sunway University. Seated on the panel were YBhg. Prof Madya Dr Helen Ting of Institut Kajian Malaysia dan Antarabangsa, YBhg. Prof. Dr. Mansor Mohd Noor and Ybhg. Datuk Dr. Denison of Institut Kajian respectively.


During the forum

The moderator begun by asking everyone present to spend two minutes thinking about what Bangsa Malaysia meant. He then asked three students to share their belief. One student from UNITAR International University mentioned that Bangsa Malaysia meant unity all the different races, such as organizing events like these’. Another student from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College shared that it wasn’t about having big events, but rather living in a united country through respecting the different races. Last but not least, a student from Sunway College shared that the ability to communicate well among the different races are important, such as reducing language barriers.

The question was then threw to the panelists. YBhg. Prof Madya Dr. Helen Ting explained that there are many dimensions of a nation, but for Bangsa Malaysia to occur, it would be important for us all to help one another in times of need. Ybhg. Datuk Dr. Denison was next to share. He described how Bangsa Malaysia can be achieved if we stopped categorizing people by race. He stated that it was important to know your roots but we should not let it be something that divides us as a nation. Lastly, YBhg. Prof. Dr. Mansor Mohd Noor expounded on how it is not possible to have a nation to be built solely upon one ethnic group. Instead, globalization and diversification in Malaysia is extremely important.


Overall, it was an event that was refreshing, enlightening and eye-opening, especially for someone who does not put more thought into the wellbeing of the country. The event has definitely encouraged many to ponder on unity and what it takes to be united as a country.


Photo OP after the Forum

Fresher’s Welcoming Party

Written by: Thinesh Naidu

Welcoming PartyMerry. Fun-filled. Bonding and camaraderie.

These are the 3 terms I would use to describe the Fresher’s Welcome Party that took place on the 25th of March, 2016. My perspective on this event was a rather unique one, as I was part of the organizing committee for the party. I was one of the 10 game masters, in charge of the board games that would be played that night.

The crowd, comprising of new and returning Sunway University students, began filling up the extended deck of the foyer at 6.30pm.

Welcoming Party002

All attendees of the welcome party were treated to a scrumptious combo of Aglio-Olio spaghetti & fried rice, courtesy of Joshi Josh, and also banana cakes and jellies made by members of the Sunway University Student Council.

The party started proper at 7pm. The board games were officially opened up, and the game masters proceeded on a table-by-table basis to instruct individual groups of attendees on the minutia and technicalities of the games laid before them.

Welcoming Party003

Running concurrently with the board gaming session was the open mic session, which featured pre-determined and impromptu selections from the student council and audience pool.

Welcoming Party004Welcoming Party005Welcoming Party006

The atmosphere was all-round warm and relaxing (thought the warmth could be partly attributed to the recent heatwave phenomenon), and everybody seemed to be in their element, thoroughly enjoying themselves. The standout board game of the night was, without surprise, Cards Against Humanity, a game designed to bring out the worst of us.

Welcoming Party007

And thanks to some really enterprising players, we got this little gem:

Welcoming Party008

The incessant Malaysian heat did not dampen the mood of the attendees, and everyone cheered and sang along whenever a particularly good song was being belted out on stage. The standout songs of the night were “Titanium” by Sia, performed by Sandya, “Secrets” by One Republic, performed by Chow Shenn Kuan and Yoon Pei Li; and “Wonderwall” by Oasis, performed by Tahsin.

All in all, the event was successful one, as it clearly achieved its key objectives: Bringing seemingly random groups of strangers together, and introduce them to each other. At a certain point, even the passers-by stood transfixed as they listened to the wondrous vocal potentials of Sunway University belting out song after song.

Inserted below are random shots of the event, taken by 2 other photographers and I (Ang Shuo Yan and Mwesi Ndibalema) who were on scene, and happened to be contacts of mine.