Ctrl+Alt Gaming 2018

Ctrl+Alt Gaming 2018 (CAG2018) is a two-day gaming convention held on 31 March and 1 April. This event was organised by the Sunway Esports Club (pictured below), Games Fusion, MVP Mobile Arena and The MAGIC RAIN. It was endorsed by e-Sports Malaysia and Varsity e-Sports Association. The event, which was held in Jeffrey Cheah Hall within Sunway University attracted many people as CAG2018 was Malaysia's first community-based gaming convention. 


Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything 2.0

Written by Cindy Anak Banun   The event "Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything 2.0" (ENAE 2.0) was held on the 29th March by Sunway Peer Counselling Volunteers (PCV). This event was held in line with Sunway Education Counselling and Wellness Unit Monthly Theme: Gratitude. Therefore, this event was held for the purpose of expressing gratitude towards... Continue Reading →

From Zero to Hero

Written by Fajar binti Benjamin   On Thursday, the 29th of March 2018, Sahabat’s completely new 2018 committee debuted with their first event, Sahabat Forum: From Zero to Hero! Sahabat Society is Sunway’s only Malay Culture Society and their mission is to display and expose students to the rich Malay culture that many of us... Continue Reading →

“ Zai Jian” Chinese New Year

Written by Abhilashah Praba Thiagarajah   Chinese New Year 2018 has finally and officially come to a close. The 2nd of March (Chap Goh Mei) marked the final day of Chinese New Year that began on the 16th of February. So if you haven’t really been feeling the back to school vibe just yet, you’ve... Continue Reading →

Adiwiraku (My Superhero) (October 2017)

Written by Xiang Xi and Wai Wai   On the 24th October 2017, Sunway University students were privileged to have a chance to see one of the utmost Malaysian films, Adiwiraku (My Superhero). It is a  heartwarming movie about the struggles of a teacher, Cheryl Ann Fernando in helping her students to succeed in their... Continue Reading →

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