A Night Of Musical 2.0: Stargazing By the Bow

On the 4th of August, Sunway University Buddhist Society held a musical entitled Stargazing By the Bow. The musical revolves around the teachings of Buddha, more specifically the mantra: 面对它,接受它,处理它,放下它, which translates to face it, accept it, deal with it and let go of it. In times of adversity, there is the propensity for many of us to run away from our problems instead of facing it,hence this mantra encourages us to face up to our problems in order to find true liberation as well as a peace of mind. Continue reading A Night Of Musical 2.0: Stargazing By the Bow


Riang Raya Sunway 2019: Raya Without Borders

To celebrate the festive season of Raya, Sunway University Islamic Society, Rukun Negara and Sahabat Society organized a festival on the 3rd of June where everyone had a great time and enjoyed the beauty of Malaysian culture at its prime. The event started at 9am and ended at 4pm at the uni foyer which was decorated in rich green to bring about the raya atmosphere. By 9am, droves of students dressed in Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung had arrived to celebrate raya without borders. Continue reading Riang Raya Sunway 2019: Raya Without Borders

Triplet 2.0: Untold Stories Unforgettable Warfare

Triplet 2.0: Untold Stories Unforgettable Warfare was an orchestra concert organized and made up of musicians from Sunway, Monash and Taylor’s University all working together to make up a fully-fledged 140 piece orchestra. Alone, each orchestra would not be able to complete the roster needed to play the complex and mesmerizing pieces we were serenaded with over the weekend of May 10th and 11th, but together, they had enough members to pull off a truly professional and impressive concert, which was well worth the RM38 ticket price. Continue reading Triplet 2.0: Untold Stories Unforgettable Warfare

Chinese Orchestra Annual Concert 2019

Saturday 10th of May, pre-event: The enthusiastic chattering and lively atmosphere was more than apparent. Many had gathered in the JC Hall and were anticipating getting to watch the Chinese Orchestra’s Annual Concert. Established only in July 2018, the Sunway University Chinese Orchestra already has achieved Gold with Honors Award in the Chinese Orchestra Ensemble Competition category at the Red Sonata Fiesta International Arts Festival 2018, which is no easy feat. Continue reading Chinese Orchestra Annual Concert 2019

SISA’s African Night

Tsamina mina eh eh, waka waka eh eh! The nostalgic song, Waka Waka by Shakira could be heard booming from Sunway University’s Art Gallery on the 2nd of May 2019. Sunway International Student Ambassadors (SISA) held an event called African Night, with the purpose to celebrate and educate Sunway students about the diverse cultures in Africa, and most importantly for the students to have fun. Each of the performances held that night represented each country found in Africa. Continue reading SISA’s African Night

Freshies Night ’19: Let The Show Begin

Each year, Freshies Night – a party for freshman to let their hair down and get it on for the night – is one of the most hotly anticipated events. Freshies Night ‘19 was no exception. Organized, as always, by the formidable pairing of Sunway University Student Council (SUSC) and Sunway College Council (SCC), this year’s theme was simply “Let The Show Begin!”. Continue reading Freshies Night ’19: Let The Show Begin