Sunway University Chinese Cultural Night (SUCCN) 2020

With respect to Malaysia’s preventive measures to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) in prioritizing the health and safety of the public, Sunway University Chinese Cultural Society (SUCCS) had officially announced the cancellation of their event, the Sunway Chinese Cultural Night (SUCCN) 2020 , which was supposed to be held on 23 April 2020 (Thursday) at Jeffrey Cheah Hall, Sunway College.

Even though the event had to be unfortunately canceled, members from the Echo Media Event Write-Up department have taken the initiative to interview the committee members from SUCCS about the juicy details of the event. Continue reading Sunway University Chinese Cultural Night (SUCCN) 2020

Freshies Night 2020

Written by: Alex and Nivhya

Edited by: Supriya 

Approaching the 2nd month of the movement control order (MCO) as I look at the ceiling while the ceiling looks back at me, it is without a doubt that the introverts are having a blast during this period. Not forgetting the fun we college and university students have to live without. Rock cafe, black ink, pyramid, lunchbox and not to forget, bubble tea. 

Freshies Night that almost a thousand students were expecting in April has been cancelled due to the pandemic. However, we were lucky enough to interview the organizing team and to spill some tea on things to expect after MCO is over. Freshies night has been an annual event since 2011. It is a night to share the Sunway culture through food, dance, music and all-round fun. The time where social media would be blasting with tweets and hashtags. Well, isn’t that why we are known as the #mosthappeningcampus? Continue reading Freshies Night 2020

Social Hive 2020

On Friday, 13 March 2020, Social Hive’20 organized by Sunway College Council (SCC) was held in the Art Gallery from 5pm till 8.30pm. Social Hive is an annual social event that allows students (especially new intake students) to mingle and socialize while also providing the students a great chance to showcase their amazing talents. The theme of this year’s Social Hive was “2000’s and pastels”. Despite the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it was great to see that the outbreak did not dull the Sunway spirits. Speaking on the topic of the Coronavirus disease, one thing worth mentioning was the conscious effort from Sunway College Council (SCC) members regarding the safety of the participating students. Throughout the event, they were constantly reminding the students to keep themselves hygienic at all times. (Go wash your hands if you are reading this!). Continue reading Social Hive 2020

Sunway Esports Bondfire Meeting

On the 6th of march, the Sunway Esports Club held their monthly “Bondfire”, a meeting for all gamers of all genres, skill levels, and backgrounds to come together to share their passion for esports. 
Esports events are relatively new with the first-ever event happening only in 1972. With the rapid development of technology and the growth of the internet, the events saw a massive surge in popularity in recent years turning them into a billion-dollar industry with a viewership rivaling that of traditional sports. Esports are no doubt making their mark in our culture and Sunway is no exception. [] Continue reading Sunway Esports Bondfire Meeting

Sunway Boardgames Society: What do they do?

With such a wide selection of clubs and societies in Sunway College/University, it can be hard to navigate and decide which club you truly belong in. To make your life easier, Sunway Echo Media’s event write-up team has decided to go to random club meetings to see what they do on a weekly basis and present you with all the information you need to help you make your decision.  Continue reading Sunway Boardgames Society: What do they do?

The Last Straw Marketplace

As we have hit the year 2020, single-use plastics are constantly being dumped into the ocean or not properly allocated. This has become a concerning issue not only for the older generation but for the future generation as well. After many heartbreaking incidents of plastic straws getting stuck onto a turtle’s nostrils, it has brought awareness throughout the globe that plastic straws are harmful to sea creatures. Thus, environmentalists have joined forces to deal with this concerning issue.

From the 2nd of March till the 6th of March 2020, Sunway Branding Department, with the help of Sunway Environmental Society, worked together in organizing #TheLastStraw marketplace which hosted various interesting booths right here in the Boulevard.     Continue reading The Last Straw Marketplace

SISA’s Masquerade Ball

In line with the above quote, I say yes, yes to the different personalities that every outfit in the room that night represented and yes to the gorgeous man and woman behind those outfits.

On the 21st of February 2020, Sunway International Student Ambassadors (SISA), hosted their first Masquerade ball in the Art Gallery at Sunway University. People were asked to register at the door, they innocently abided but little did they know that they were in for a surprise. After people had found their seats (and their friends), the whole room was filled with laughter and all sorts of chatter.  Continue reading SISA’s Masquerade Ball

A Nyonya Reunion

An orange sun, a blue sky and cool weather; perfect ingredients for a scrumptious day where I had a truly magnificent experience! On the 15th of January 2020, the Sunway University Chinese Independent School Alumni (CISA) graced us with ‘A Nyonya Reunion’ as part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. There was a fun fair on the 15th, while the opening ceremony fell on the 16th of January. CISA is an association of all students who went to the Chinese Independent School. They have this club in several schools, in order to keep the connection with each other. The event was kicked off by the honoured guests, Mr Teo Ee Sing, Dr Elizabeth Lee and Prof. Pua Eng Chong.  Continue reading A Nyonya Reunion

23:59 Fashion Drama

23:59 Fashion Drama was an event formed by Sunway University’s year three Communication students specializing under Public Relations. The event’s purpose was to combine fashion and drama in order to send a strong message about global warming and it’s irreversible consequences. In fact, even the name of the event, 23:59, symbolizes that we are reaching the end and therefore must “reset the clock” before the next minute strikes.  Continue reading 23:59 Fashion Drama