Why I love you.

Written by Maxine Yap Min Chien   I love your eyes, your nose, your lips, your everything, I can’t choose just one. Butterflies in my belly whenever you’re near, tornados in my head because I can’t think when you’re around. You’ve made me feel so much in such a short span of time, and I... Continue Reading →



Image Source Written by Koh Ze-Wen   this is the anomaly of thought:   foreign fingers and foreign smiles are brighter, sharper, past the anonymity of a counter romance lent by distance of a room bursting with intention paints camaraderie in manners domestic in mundane births ideas from people love from longing   a step... Continue Reading →


Photo Credits By Faith Ling Hsern Zhen   I am inadequate Think, There is no reason I should Think I am perfect the way I am But there are those around me who Judge me See the things I do Hear the words that escape from me Who’ll think they are better than I am... Continue Reading →

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