My 3 Muses

Love Why take away the life that lies on your very hands When all life has to offer is a mystery waiting to unravel and surprise you at every turn Laughs that could make your stomach ache Cries which swallows up your chest Moments that makes the time stop Shoulders that show you are not alone Love is so beautiful and life is filled with it All you have got to do is choose Choose to see love alone in life


Leaving the Nest

Written by: Alexandra Goh   I see her standing in front of the mirror combing her long straight hair, And I am hardly able to believe that the day has finally come.   I see her packing her belongings with her suitcase wide open, Piles of clothes stacked neatly inside along with her favourite teddy... Continue Reading →

Not Pretty?

My thighs simply collide In a heap of soft sand dunes With millions of rivers That has it sources From the mountains of my belly Which folds as uneven rocks- Do you think I'm pretty?

unheard voices

Image Source Written by Jessica Lau Hui Zhen   There are days she glides through the halls Her soul carried on a heavy two-way street It was when the sneers and calls That she wasn’t quite the one for everyone   He walks on an empty street to go home No place to call home,... Continue Reading →

Why I love you.

Written by Maxine Yap Min Chien   I love your eyes, your nose, your lips, your everything, I can’t choose just one. Butterflies in my belly whenever you’re near, tornados in my head because I can’t think when you’re around. You’ve made me feel so much in such a short span of time, and I... Continue Reading →


Image Source Written by Koh Ze-Wen   this is the anomaly of thought:   foreign fingers and foreign smiles are brighter, sharper, past the anonymity of a counter romance lent by distance of a room bursting with intention paints camaraderie in manners domestic in mundane births ideas from people love from longing   a step... Continue Reading →


Photo Credits By Faith Ling Hsern Zhen   I am inadequate Think, There is no reason I should Think I am perfect the way I am But there are those around me who Judge me See the things I do Hear the words that escape from me Who’ll think they are better than I am... Continue Reading →

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