Monthly Musings: Ideal Situations

Prompt: If you could turn back time to before the MCO, what would you do?

As most of us are aware, classroom learning has been shifted to online learning (e-learning) ever since the MCO was in effect. 

A benefit from this new learning style includes being able to wake up 30 minutes before classes instead of having to wake up at an ungodly hour just to avoid the morning traffic (also, to get a parking space in the basement). However, e-learning just doesn’t really feel the same as F2F learning. Take the jokes our lecturers share for instance, it feels especially less amusing.

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Monthly Musings: Spirituality

Prompt: What is spirituality to you?
Note: All opinions are the writer’s own.

Spirituality is being in tune with the spirit, which is also your life guide. Your guide is the one who follows you in life and possibly, also creates your path in life. Another aspect of spirituality is your intuition. Religion counts too, as it can bring inner peace. Plus, religion also involves getting in touch with your ancestors. Spirituality is about the tranquility of being in tune with yourself anyway, with knowing your auras and communicating with the spirits.
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Monthly Musings: Self-expression

Prompt: What item do you own that you think best reflects you as a person?



Blushing shells from ocean caverns in Musandam. 

Inky black pebbles from a remote village in the mountains of Khasab. 

Sediments of sunsets from an ocean of pink rock in Sharjah.

Curlicues of white stone from the shores off Brighton.

Shards of earth to call my own, 

when home is far, 

I hold them close. 

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Monthly Musings: Fighting Misconceptions

Prompt: What are some things you believed in as a kid which turned out to be false?   That the world is a safe place. – Natasha A. ~ ~ ~ Coming from a typical Asian family and being part of the High School Musical generation (i.e. watching the movies more times than I can count and memorizing the lyrics to all the songs), my … Continue reading Monthly Musings: Fighting Misconceptions

Monthly Musings: Season of Love

Prompt: If you could send a message to a particular person whom you love/loved, what would you say?

He was humble and kind. He cooked for me. He played with me. He raised me.

I love you and I still do. In fact, I really miss you. A lot; more than you can imagine.

If only you can see me now. I hope you’re proud of how far I’ve gotten. Please continue to watch over me.

For 11 years, you’ve held a special place in my heart — you still do to this day — which nobody else can replace.

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Monthly Musings – Endings and Beginnings

To readers old and new, thank you for joining us for a fresh new year of curious content brought to you by bright, young writers from Sunway University and College. Monthly Musings introduces Echo Media’s theme for creative articles each month and poses a question to our team of creative writers. Writers’ answers are compiled and published to get the month’s content rolling. 

As such, 2020’s first month talks about Endings and Beginnings as we enter not just another year of existence but a whole new decade. We’ve come far and while there’s much to celebrate, there is also plenty to leave behind this year — fast fashion, usage of single-use plastics or paper, discrimination, to name a few — and start afresh. 

We asked our writers — 

 “What is the one thing you are letting go/welcoming in 2020?” Continue reading Monthly Musings – Endings and Beginnings

Monthly Musings: Malaysia’s Independence

Prompt: What Does Malaysia Mean to You?

I’m an international student but Malaysia has always been home to me. Whenever I go back to Indonesia, I feel more like a guest than a citizen. When I think of Malaysia, I think rich culture, amazing food, and timeless history. I think of a merge between the old and the young, and passionate cities that don’t die. I think of the green rainforests with iridescent rivers, and the cool sounds of nature. I think of the overlapping languages and dialects, and cultures that have joined as one. I think of a beautiful country I’ve yet to dig deep into.

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