How April Fools’ Day Began

“You’ve been April fooled!” Yes, it is that time of year again, where this phrase will be reverberantly repeated on one specific day. The first of April, best known as April Fools’ Day, is a day of trickery and amusement where practical jokes and comical pranks are played on people, whether it be parents, friends, teachers, co-workers, you name it. Yet, have you ever wondered how April Fools’ Day came about? How did it become such a worldwide phenomenon that everyone regardless of age looks forward to each year? Here are a few common theories on the origins of April Fools’.


Ctrl+Alt Gaming 2018

Ctrl+Alt Gaming 2018 (CAG2018) is a two-day gaming convention held on 31 March and 1 April. This event was organised by the Sunway Esports Club (pictured below), Games Fusion, MVP Mobile Arena and The MAGIC RAIN. It was endorsed by e-Sports Malaysia and Varsity e-Sports Association. The event, which was held in Jeffrey Cheah Hall within Sunway University attracted many people as CAG2018 was Malaysia's first community-based gaming convention. 

9 Types of Students You’ll Meet at College

Image Source Written By Koh Ze-Wen   Welcome to Sunway, students of the March intake! It’s good to see your fresh faces on campus, already making yourselves at home in the classrooms and lecture halls. Sunway College and University offers a vibrant learning experience with plenty of interesting lecturers and active societies, but come on,... Continue Reading →

Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything 2.0

Written by Cindy Anak Banun   The event "Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything 2.0" (ENAE 2.0) was held on the 29th March by Sunway Peer Counselling Volunteers (PCV). This event was held in line with Sunway Education Counselling and Wellness Unit Monthly Theme: Gratitude. Therefore, this event was held for the purpose of expressing gratitude towards... Continue Reading →

From Zero to Hero

Written by Fajar binti Benjamin   On Thursday, the 29th of March 2018, Sahabat’s completely new 2018 committee debuted with their first event, Sahabat Forum: From Zero to Hero! Sahabat Society is Sunway’s only Malay Culture Society and their mission is to display and expose students to the rich Malay culture that many of us... Continue Reading →

Pacific Rim – Uprising: Movie Review

Image Source Written by Fajar Binti Benjamin   Pacific Rim: Uprising, as described by my friend, is the “Perfect Popcorn Movie”. You don’t go in to concentrate on the details and analyse the characters’ motives. You go in to see some robots smash into each other while you exercise your jaw over a large popcorn... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Every Last Word

Source: Goodreads Written by Chua Jia Ying   Every Last Word Author: Tamara Ireland Stone Publisher: Hyperion, 2015. Every Last Word was one of the books I read as I was doing my A Book A Day Challenge - my very last one, as a ceremonial ending to the project. I was admittedly hesitant about... Continue Reading →

LGBT – From the Inside

Image Source Written by Alexandra Goh   Disclaimer: All names mentioned in this article has been changed to protect the identities of our interviewees.   Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. These are terms we hear day after day, whether it be on social media platforms or through small talk with our peers. It is undeniable that... Continue Reading →

Reconciling Self and Society

Written by Samantha Chang     In the age of hipsters and Keala Settle's catchy new hit, we won’t be running out of reminders for us to be true to ourselves anytime soon. The idea is not a novel one: from Nietzsche to Camp Rock, the message has been reiterated throughout the ages - and... Continue Reading →

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