Written by Wong Kit Yin, Nicole

“The most exciting thing we have ever done with this band is performing for SUNMUN’s social night. Actually it was also the most terrifying.”


On this episode of “Students on Campus”, Echo Media is proud to present our very first feature of “Echo Music Hall”—“ImaginASiAN”, a local Malaysian band created almost a year ago by four high school students. Although still unnoticed across the country, “ImaginASiAN” definitely caught some Sunway students’ attentions with their soulful voices and fresh faces. Deeply honoured for interviewing them, here is a background story on the band and what they think the future might hold for them.

Created by fellow member and lead vocalist of the band, Mellaney Goh, the whole concept behind this creative name, “ImaginASiAN”, sprung from the idea between the diversity of Asians as well as their creativities. Hence, the word combination, “Imagination” and “Asian”.

Having used to jam out during Form 2, both Mellaney and Jia Wen decided to audition for a “Talent Search”. It was then, third member, Paarisha joined. Phui Sian was recruited afterwards.

Each of them not only play different roles in the band, but they are also students to different courses in Sunway College:

Lee Phui Sian is currently studying Ausmat and he is the percussionist of the band;

Sak Jia Wen is currently studying A-Levels and she is the guitarist of the band;

Paarisha Emilie is currently studying Mufy and she is the pianist of the band;

Mellaney Goh is currently studying A-Levels and she is the lead vocalist of the band.

Easy to play and arrange to suit their personal style, “ImaginASiAN” enjoys playing mostly pop genre. However, the fun does not stop there, they also like to keep their options open by playing other variety of genres, preferably R&B, Country, Jazz and Oldies genres, as well.

“The most exciting thing we have ever done with this band is performing for SUNMUN’s social night. Actually it was also the most terrifying,” said the members of “ImaginASiAN”. With that being their first ever live performance, some of them suffered major anxiety and stage fright beforehand, but fortunately, they managed to calm themselves down and just let the present feeling and moment sink in.

With some of its members enrolling in different courses and in plans of pursuing different careers, the members of “ImaginASiAN” are already facing problems rehearsing with their fellow bandmates due to their busy schedules. I took this opportunity to ask what they think the future might hold for them. Will they still be alive and jamming for the next 10 to 20 years? Or will its flames of passion die out one by one? They simply replied, “We strongly believe in each other. Even if we were to disband, it would just be a temporary situation. We’ll just have to wait for our next time to jam again.”

“We strongly believe in each other. Even if we were to disband, it would just be a temporary situation. We’ll just have to wait for our next time to jam again.”


Away from all the seriousness, here are some fun Q&As between the members of “ImaginASiAN” and I: 

Q: Who is the “leader” of this band?

A: Mellaney is the leader. She’s the one that scolds everyone when they goof around. Then, everyone will be like: “Yes, mother.”

Q: Who is the “thinker” of this band?

A: Jia Wen is the “thinker”. Her catchphrase is literally: “Let me think ah.”

Q: Who is the “funnest” in this band?

A: Phui Sian is the funnest. He’s literally the clown in the band. Also the sassiest creature you’ve probably ever met.

Q: Who is the most “serious” in this band?

A: A bit conflicted on the “Serious One” here. Mellany is definitely most serious when it comes to practices and rehearsals, but Paarisha is a very serious when it comes to the actual music itself. She takes the extra miles of making sure our music is on par with the songs.

Q: What are your personal favourite songs?

A: PS—Superman by Five for Fighting

JW—You Need Me, I Don’t Need You by Ed Sheeran

P—In the Arms of the Angel by Sarah McLachlan

M—Thinking of You by Katy Perry

Q: If you guys could sing only one song in your lifetime, what would it be?

A: PS—Not Over You by Gavin Degraw

JW—The A Team by Ed Sheeran

P—Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore by Celine Dion

M—Thinking of You by Katy Perry

Q: Which artists do you guys admire or gain the most influence from?

A: PS—Boyce Avenue

JW—Ed Sheeran

P—SquidPhysics (YouTuber)

M—Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus

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YouTube: ImaginASiAN

Facebook: ImaginASiANTheBand

Instagram: @theband_imaginasian


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The Rise of AI by Clinton Wee Yuan

“ There are no strings on me”. Ultron was a superior artificial intelligence(AI) program hell bent on wiping out the human race. He struck fear into the hearts of millions as he created his own weapon of mass destruction. Although this plot is pure fiction, our fear of AI technology one day ruling over us lowly humans is not as without premise. For the past few decades, the promise of AI technology has been nothing more than disappointing. However, in recent years we have seen great strides in the development of a truly superior AI tech. This progress has led us to a discussion that we must have now. Are we willing to trust AI and what are the risks of doing so.


We have seen so many movies from Terminator to iROBOT where the advancement and implementation of AI technology in our daily lives ultimately leads to chaos. Before we look into the plausability of that scenario, we need to understand what is AI. AI is basically intelligence acquired by machines. This intelligence is usually associated with the ability to solve problems and adjust to changing environments. A very good example would be self-driving cars where the program has to constantly assess its surroundings to determine the best course of action to take. Now many critics argue that because machines don’t need to rest like humans do, if they are able to constantly learn and adapt to its environment, who is to say they won’t learn that they are smarter and more superior than us. Once the machinese figure that out, they could easily take humans on. With their superior intelligence, it would be as plain as David vs Goliath.

The situation is further exacerbated when we integrate AI into our daily lives. If we were up against clunky robots like in the Avengers, we might still have a fighting chance. AI has become increasingly ubiquitous in modern society. Soon it may be an integral part of education, healthcare and even our military. Imagine if the world’s nuclear launch codes were in the hands of an AI program that might go rogue. The age of the internet of things has arrived and if AI programs are able to control almost all our devices, they would ultimately control us. This is the risk we face when we allow AI into our lives. The risk of course is limited as scientists and engineers are not idiots too. They can code backdoors into AI programs and shut them down when they go rogue. However there is always a risk of the AI machines learning of this backdoor and blocking it before we get to use it. This scenario may seem outrageous, but the low probability is coupled with unimaginably huge consequences.


Even assuming the best case scenario, where machines live under the rule of humans forever, the ending isn’t happily ever after. Many argue that AI will take away ALL our jobs. Not just menial jobs, not just some jobs, but all jobs. During the Industrial Revolution, mechanized labor put hundreds of thousands out of jobs. A lot of people kept their jobs because at the time, machines did not have what humans did, intelligence. With AI, every job is at stake. A machine could be a lawyer, doctor, or even a police officer. We would see massive structural unemployment because how could a human compete with a machine which never gets tired, hungry or careless at times.


The world has been blown away with what AI can do, but they should be worried about what AI may do. This article serves not to be a party pooper, but a reminder that all big leaps have consequences. We need to engage in a clear discussion about how to proceed with AI before the strings come off.