Let Your Body Speak 2016 by Chloe Kong

As a human, we are unable to read other people’s minds. If there is anything that could transcend words, that would be actions. In this era, the phrase “Actions speak louder than words,” is not something uncommon or so to speak. Every move you make could tell others about what you are thinking and such.

On 13th of April, the Peer Counseling Volunteers held a workshop to talk about body language. An interesting workshop conducted by Miss Jun from the Student Services Department’s Counseling unit. Many students turned up for the event to learn more. Other than students, there were lecturers present too. From the top of the head, to the end of the toes, Ms. Jun covered several pointers regarding the body language, such as the postures, the eye movements and many more!


Ms. Jun explaining about our voice

The event was very knowledgeable. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Miss Jun covered about how each part of our bodies move under different condition. One of the examples would be how the eyes would look to the left when you recalling something. (Writer’s quirk: perhaps that is how you can tell when someone is lying?)

Besides the presentations, there were also other interactive activities. After each topic introduction, Miss Jun would get the attendees to pair up. Depending on the topic shown on the slide, each person would be required to perform different tasks.It was fun to watch as the participants seriously attempted these tasks.

Long lectures or talks can be dull and it can be hard to capture the attention of the people who are listening. Hence, Miss Jun used pictures and videos to keep the talk going. Personally, I really liked the Charlie Chaplin video. Despite being audio-less and colourless, it was really entertaining and fun to watch.

What is more, the PCV members were really helpful and spontaneous. All of them were involved in the demonstrations. Each member performed really well in this segment. Laughter can be heard as they did their best to demonstrate the various body language for our better understanding.

Overall, it was something worthwhile and informative. Kudos to PCV for coming with this event! I am so glad to be able to attend this.


Hari Perpaduan

Written by Esther Cheok

Photos by Lakshimi

Organised jointly by Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi Malaysia and Sunway University, the major event Hari Perpaduan (Unity Day) took place on Thursday, 14th April.

A large crowd flocked outside of JC-1 Hall by 10.30am; not for no reason –there were many entertaining performances that took place. Not to mention, there were also many booths representing the different ethnic groups of Malaysia. There were booths that represented Baba Nyonas, Kadazans, Kristang, Serani, and many others. One is bound to learn a lot from them. The large crowd consisted of students from various universities, who were here to compete in the Hari Perpaduan sports friendly matches.


Ms.Lee and the crew looking good in traditional clothing (Y)

A media conference was held before the forum, of whom Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education, YB Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching, the guest of honour of the occasion, was present. She shared her thoughts on education in Malaysia, and stressed that it is extremely important for students to have a balanced and holistic education.

Not long after, the forum finally commenced at JC-1 Hall. Titled ‘Between Desire and Hope- Ethnic Relations and the Notion of Bangsa Malaysia’. The forum was moderated by YBhg. Prof Leong Choon Heng of Sunway University. Seated on the panel were YBhg. Prof Madya Dr Helen Ting of Institut Kajian Malaysia dan Antarabangsa, YBhg. Prof. Dr. Mansor Mohd Noor and Ybhg. Datuk Dr. Denison of Institut Kajian respectively.


During the forum

The moderator begun by asking everyone present to spend two minutes thinking about what Bangsa Malaysia meant. He then asked three students to share their belief. One student from UNITAR International University mentioned that Bangsa Malaysia meant unity all the different races, such as organizing events like these’. Another student from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College shared that it wasn’t about having big events, but rather living in a united country through respecting the different races. Last but not least, a student from Sunway College shared that the ability to communicate well among the different races are important, such as reducing language barriers.

The question was then threw to the panelists. YBhg. Prof Madya Dr. Helen Ting explained that there are many dimensions of a nation, but for Bangsa Malaysia to occur, it would be important for us all to help one another in times of need. Ybhg. Datuk Dr. Denison was next to share. He described how Bangsa Malaysia can be achieved if we stopped categorizing people by race. He stated that it was important to know your roots but we should not let it be something that divides us as a nation. Lastly, YBhg. Prof. Dr. Mansor Mohd Noor expounded on how it is not possible to have a nation to be built solely upon one ethnic group. Instead, globalization and diversification in Malaysia is extremely important.


Overall, it was an event that was refreshing, enlightening and eye-opening, especially for someone who does not put more thought into the wellbeing of the country. The event has definitely encouraged many to ponder on unity and what it takes to be united as a country.


Photo OP after the Forum

National Siblings Day by Merissa Tan

The 10th of April is celebrated annually as National Siblings Day in some parts of the United States of America, though the occasion is seen spreading to other countries including India and Australia. The day honours the special relationship between siblings, one that is more often than not a love-hate one. Let’s explore that love-hate relationship, and expose some things that only those with siblings will understand! 😉


  • You are ALWAYS compared to your siblings.
    Somehow, you are expected to inherit all the talents your siblings possess. Especially if you’re the youngest in the family, you will usually hear phrases such as “Oh your sister was a really bright student!” “Your brother is an amazing musician; you must be rather musically talented yourself!” Cue all the high expectations from your family and friends to live up to your siblings’ standards!
  • And if you’re the older one, you’re expected to assume responsibility for all your siblings.

You’re basically responsible for all your siblings’ mischiefs when your parents are not around. And because you’re supposed to “set a good example” to your siblings, every time you got into trouble, it was magnified by like, tenfold!

  • You fight, A LOT.

From fighting over Barbie dolls to calling shotgun, you are pretty much arguing with your siblings 24/7. Sometimes physical conflicts occur and you swung a fist a little too hard; you’ll find yourself bribing them with sweets so that they will stop crying, and your parents won’t find out.

  • You know each other’s deepest secrets.

Your siblings can be the only people whom you can confess certain things that you’re not comfortable sharing with other people to. One example is when you get into some trouble in school and you’re feeling down but you can’t tell your parents because they’d give you a scolding; that’s when you turn to your siblings to pour your heart out!

  • They know you better than you know yourself.

When you spend so much time with someone, they will eventually be so familiar with your personality that they would figure out the decisions you will make even before you make up your mind! Sometimes it’s like they can read your mind and say the exact same thing you’re about to say. Jinx, and jinx again! Now that’s not telepathy, that’s just how siblings work! 😉
If you have brothers and sisters in your family, consider yourself lucky, because there really isn’t a relationship out there as special as that of siblings! Sure they can be a pain in the arse sometimes (most times to be honest) but as cheesy as it sounds, blood IS thicker than water, and you can always unt on them to carry some weight off your shoulders when you feel like the world is collapsing on you!



Having being planned since their first ALSCO meeting, which was approximately 4 weeks ago, our new batch of 2016 ALSCO’s have held a pyjamas-themed party, specially for the March 2016 intakes. The ALSCO team of 7 consists of Janessa Tan (the secretary of the team), Weng Shawn, Alisa Jan Chin, Sabrina Chiew, Amanda Gan, Ang Yu Wen and Grace Gunawan (the treasurer of the team).

What makes this event particularly unique? As mentioned by many guests, including the ALSCOM’s, this is the first ever pyjamas-themed party that has been organised right here in Sunway College. One of the attractions I would have to say is the dress code. Never in a million years would people have thought to wear pyjamas on college grounds for an event, but in this event, everything is possible because that was exactly what they did.

Dressed in their comfortable clothes or pyjamas, the guests were welcomed into a beautiful set up of green balloons highly-strung against the ceiling in the event hall at level 8 in Sunway Univeristy. The event started at 5 p.m. with an approximate number of 70 people attending it.

By 5.30 p.m., the ALSCO members did not hesitate to dive right into the ice breaking session.

With pizzas as one of the event’s main attractions, the guests enjoyed their 6 p.m. dinner with (of course) pizzas, some home-baked cookies and curry puffs, accompanied by soft drinks.

6.30 p.m. arrived and it was finally games time. The ALSCO members started off with a special game called “Funny Hot Potato”. How the game works was that a garbage bag will be loaded with all sorts of embarrassing and somewhat funny clothes and accessories. Now, in the form of hot potato, they were suppose to pass the garbage bag around. However, when the music stops, the person with the bag will need to pull out a piece of clothing from it and put it on. The game will only end when all the clothes are finally gone. The second game was a classic called “Charades”.

Once the game session was over, it was finally 7.30 p.m. When the sun finally set, the event hall was dimmed and the fairy lights were the only source of light in the  dark atmosphere. With a unique mini camp at the front of the event hall, no one hesitated in taking pictures and “snapchatting”. Accompanied by loud music, it also didn’t take long before the crowd went crazy dancing on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. In this case, when the clock struck 8.30 p.m., most of the crowd was gone and all that was left were the ALSCO members cleaning up the event hall before going back home.

After the event was over, I had the opportunity to speak to the secretary and one of the ALSCO members-in-charge, Janessa Tan, and she told me the reason they organised this event was so that both the January and March 2016 intakes could gather and socialise before beginning their A- Levels journey in Sunway College. In addition to that, they hope that both the intakes will be able to have the chance to socialise and make new friends during the event. They also hope to make them feel comfortable as if Sunway is their second home, just so they could adapt easily to college life.

Although I have been in Sunway College for almost 3 months now, I sincerely appreciate the time and effort this new batch of ALSCO’s have done for us. With such heartwarming and loving ALSCO’s, I have no doubt that the new March 2016 intakes will fit right in in no time.


World Penguin Day by Reshna


World Penguin Day is an underrated day of which not many people are aware of. This day is celebrated every year on the 25th of April by fellow penguin lovers all around the world to acknowledge their wonderful existence on this planet. In some zoos all over the world in honour of World Penguin Day, the penguins are allowed to seek human company-those visiting the zoos- for interaction with humans.

For those who have never seen the Penguins of Madagascar and a childhood favourite Pingu (which I totally recommend), penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds that live in the southern hemisphere especially Antarctica. These birds look very dapper with their ‘tuxedo’ coloured look and of course they just melt everyone’s hearts when they waddle around in the snow. In the penguin kingdom penguins only have one mate their entire life. Like humans they propose with a ‘stone’- a pebble.

Now let’s acquaint ourselves to a couple of common types of penguins because they aren’t all the same and possess different characteristics. To begin with, the largest of them all is the Emperor Penguin. It weighs up to 35 kg or more with a height of 1.1m. They only have a life span of 20 years and if you are wondering how they look, they appear like every stereotypical penguin out there. These penguins only mate during winter and although every day is considered winter in Antarctica, these penguins know when to mate precisely. After several weeks of courting, the mother will lay her single egg and go out to sea to fish for two months in which the father penguin will look after the egg and keep it warm – hats off to thr male species!

Moving on to the next penguin, the smallest of them all is the Little Blue Penguin. They look as cute as they sound weighing about 1 kg and stand at only 40 cm tall. These penguins love interacting with one another. These penguins only have a lifespan of 6 and a half years but human interaction however can change that – they thrive in human company. They start mating at the age of only 3 years old and they can only mate once or twice before their own live ends. Just like all penguins they only produce one egg at a time bringing up concerns on the survival of their species.


Waddling through the big big world (Source: http://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/species/little-penguin)

Penguins in general are considered fierce but only if threatened. Other than that they are silky feathered, hardworking creatures that enjoy sunbathing and playing in the sea. Deep down everyone’s spirit animal is a penguin because like the penguins, humans are protective of one another as well as loving and constantly working together to survive during very cold winters. So let’s all save the date on our calendars and celebrate this wonderful day and give the penguins of the world all the love they deserve. If you’re all as passionate as I am about these creatures go ahead and learn up more on them and donate a little something to approved organisations that are preserving these amiable creatures!

TV Series review- Daredevil vs The Flash: A TV series showdown by Esther Cheok

The Marvel TV series ‘Daredevil’ and ‘The Flash’ have been a big hit ever since they were released. As a fan of Marvel and having watched both TV series, I will be discussing on the differences of the two in this article.

 Two years ago, I started watching ‘The Flash’ after being pressured by a friend, who claimed that the actor who plays Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, was handsome. Indeed, ‘Grant Gustin’ was very good looking. The plot of the first season revolved around how Barry Allen, after being caught in an particle-accelerator accident, found himself being able to run at lightning speed. While working as a crime scene investigator, Barry was trying to investigate the death of his mother, who he was sure was killed by someone with similar superhuman abilities. In layman terms: The Flash is that dude in the red costume whose speed brings Usain Bolt to shame.

As for ‘Daredevil’, I only began to watch it last year, and that was because I really liked the dark and mysterious side of the main character when it was shown on an advertisement. The series starts by showing how the main character, Matt Murdock, was blinded as a boy due to a chemical spillage from a truck. The chemical, however, heightened his remaining four senses.Like The Flash, Matt Murdock, known as Daredevil, used his heightened senses and stunning karate abilities to fight crime at night. During the day, however, he works as a lawyer. In layman terms: Daredevil is a blind guy who kicks butts.

The obvious difference between the two series is that’ The Flash’ is definitely more family orientated. By that, I mean that the whole series is more light and cheery. On the other hand, everything about ‘Daredevil’ is serious and dark. One would have to pay full attention in order to follow the plot. I for one, enjoyed watching ‘Daredevil’ more. The cinematography, and acting of all the characters, Matt Murdock, and especially Kingpin (the villain) brought the whole story to life. Nevertheless, it depends on what tone of a TV series you’d prefer. If it’s something light hearted, I’d recommend ‘The Flash’; or if you prefer a more psychologically stimulating series, ‘Daredevil’ would be perfect.

Blah Blah Blah Day by Esther Cheok

Blah Blah Blah Day falls on April 17. This unusual holiday was created by Wellcat, a holidays and herbs company. Admittedly, it isn’t the most popular day celebrated, and this may even be the first time you’ve heard of it. So what exactly is Blah Blah Blah Day all about?

Well, the aim of this ‘holiday’ is to complete every project and things that you have been procrastinating at or the things people have been nagging you to do since forever. The name of the holiday kind of makes sense now if you think of how the way our mothers nags us sometimes, going all ‘Blah Blah Blah’.

Possible GIF to include in the website after this paragraph.

I’m sure we all have the things we’re supposed to be doing but haven’t gotten around to. However, if you can’t possibly recall anything you’re supposed to be doing, hopefully in this list you’ll recognize something familiar which you can finally do on this April 17th:

  • Backup your phone
  • Floss your teeth
  • Clean your room
  • Sort out your closet
  • Get the birthday gift which you’ve promised your friend you would get them a month ago.
  • Fix something broken
  • Call up an old friend
  • Start reading a book

Blah Blah Blah Day is the opportunity to stop procrastinating, so keep the date in mind, and all the best in finding the motivation to complete those tasks!


Walk Around Things Day by Elycia Lee

National Walk Around Things Days is celebrated annually on 4th April, though not commonly celebrated or known by Malaysians. There is little information regarding this holiday and its origin, but it’s still an interesting day to participate in!


Walk Around Things Day is a day where you avoid problems and risks, by simply walking around the potential risk. There is a saying that if you walk under a ladder, it’s bad luck, so logically, you’d walk around the ladder, right? In the same way, on this day, we walk around objects, especially those that pose certain risks or dangers.


Or perhaps, if there was a muddy puddle in your way, you’d avoid the puddle by taking another route, or walking around it. Figuratively, you could ‘walk around’ certain arguments or uncomfortable situations.


There are those days when you just don’t want to deal with any of your problems, wishing you could just walk them by, and well, here you have a very good of excuse on the 4th of April to avoid anything you don’t want to face or deal with. Or maybe certain people, like if you see someone you have been trying to avoid, take the longer route by walking around the area just to avoid being seen.


However, since this day is open to interpretations, you can take Walk Around Things Day very literally, by literally walking around things. You could organise an event where you and your friends walk around a housing area, or maybe walk around your campus with some college students! It can be a unique and fun way of exercise as well as getting to know each other better.


Another option is to just walk around everything you see – a rubbish bin, a lamp post, your friend, a potted plant, or a chair; but instead of simply walking past them, make a full circle around those objects and perhaps you’ll find yourself getting strange looks from people! Well, who knows, maybe some will come to you and ask you what you’re doing and they’ll join you!


Whatever way you decide to interpret this day, it could be a day of exercising for you or maybe just trying to run away from problems, it may be a day where you learn something, like the simple fact that you can’t really run away from your problems. Take 4th April to avoid all your problems and you might find yourself facing them on 5th April instead. Regardless, whether you avoid problems, dangers, or walk around random objects, Happy Walk Around Things Day, and I hope you’ve read this article till the end and not ‘walk around’ me. Hehe.





Superpowers Every College Students Need by Alistair Soh

9 Superpowers Every (Struggling) College Student Needs
By Alistair
College, or university, can really stretch a person beyond his or her limits. Student loans, house chores, presentations, assignments, deadlines, papers, and extracurricular activities are every struggling varsity student’s nightmare, and all just for that piece of paper – a prerequisite to land them a job. But what if you are more than just a human? What if you are, in fact, super-human? Granted you had the right superpowers, you could definitely make a mark as a student-athlete or become the most brilliant person on campus. But which power would be the most useful? To help you decide, I’ve provided the following list of seven superpowers that would be perfect for struggling college students:

  1. Hyper-intelligence. You have the entire archive of all the libraries, and now the Internet, in your head. Heck, you don’t even need to attend classes anymore if you have a gigantic, super-smart brain that operates at a thousand times the speed of normal human’s! All you need is the assignment sheet, and you’re  ready to start your paper. No need for hours of sitting in the library, researching piles of books, or aimlessly surfing Google for information. In fact, you could probably just test out of every class and finish in one semester.
  2. Photographic Memory. For those who simply wants to ace their tests (sort of…) without overloading your brain with facts, as well as not appearing as some stuck-up know-it-all. You can skim through your books in a flash, and still be able to remember everything you’ve read.
  3. Self-Duplication. If you want the normal pace of life but you still want to get things done faster, you might consider this underrated power: the ability to split yourself into multiple versions of yourself. This way you could enjoy your date with a college sweetheart, while having some video-game time with your friends and attending that lecture in your Chemistry class. I feel sorry for the version of you that has to go to class.

4. Super Speed. What more could a time-strapped college student want? You could do your shopping, complete homework assignments, take tests, and do your laundry in minutes, instead of hours. You could roll out of bed and get ready two minutes before the start of class and still make it on time!

5. Telepathy. With the power to read and communicate with others via the mind, you could make everyone think you are the smartest person on campus. You would know the answer to every question your professors asked. You would know everyone’s deepest secrets. As long as you took your test in the same room as the smartest kid in the class, you could pillage his/her brain for all the right answers. Of course, all of that reeks of dishonesty, which I would never advocate. Yet.
6. X-Ray Vision. Not for that, kids. We have our mind on loftier deeds, like spying the answers to your next test through your professor’s briefcase or making sure your roommate is clothed before opening the door to your dorm room.
7. Persuasion. It sounds easy, but it’s not. The truth is, people take years to perfect their skill of persuasion to work on everyone, but why not be able to do it naturally? You could walk away with a B instead of a D on your test? Or you could have your lecturer write up a good recommendation letter without much hassle? And if you’re in a pinch, you can always depend on your friends to lend you some cash for the week.
8. Alcohol Immunity. Feeling guilty you went drinking on the night before an important class or an exam? No problem. With superpower, you can avoid being drunk on an important occasion.

9. Sorcery. Think Harry Potter, for starters!This is a broad power with so many applications. You could summon the spirits of Aristotle to teach you Philosophy firsthand, or Adolf Hitler to teach you about World War II. You could enchant the object of your desire with a love charm or pronounce upon yourself a spell of dashing charisma. Or you could do a memory charm to make your professor think that he gave you straight A’s for the term. Ah, the possibilities are endless…



Light vs Dark by Tiffany Hoo

“The line between good and evil is permeable and almost anyone can be induced to cross it when pressured by situational forces.”

In a world where darkness cannot exist without light (and vice versa), superheroes came about because supervillains exist as well. However, the line that separates good from evil is paper thin and some events happen that drive villains to redeem themselves.

Here, we discuss how a few of the world’s most iconic comic supervillains came to give up on their evil cause, with some choosing to work alongside their former hero enemies to save the world from harm.

In the popular X-Men’s franchise, Rogue was a villain who first appeared as a member of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who were bent on letting mutants run the world. She has uncontrollable ability to absorb and at times, remove the memories, physical strength, and powers of anyone she touches. Therefore, Rogue considers her powers a curse and dons gloves to protect herself from others. For most of her life, she avoided contact with humans, to the point she was convinced humans and mutants could never coexist. However, she eventually turned to Professor X to help her deal with the ever-louder voices of people whose memories she absorbed that were haunting her mind. Grateful for Professor X’s help, she defected from Mystique’s brotherhood and has fought alongside the X-Men ever since for harmony between humans and mutants.

Natalia Romanova, or better known as Black Widow, was introduced as a Soviet Union spy who was sent to the US to assassinate a traitor of the union. There, she fought against Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, who foiled her plans. She and Hawkeye then paired up to defeat Iron Man together, but they eventually fell in love with one another. Fearing she would leave for the US to be with Hawkeye, her employers kidnapped her and brainwashed her. Hawkeye soon chooses to be a part of the Avengers and strives to bring Black Widow to the good side. She eventually frees herself from the brain conditioning and even joins the Avengers in the fight against evil.

Last but not least, how could we ever forget the infamous Deadpool! The ‘Merc With A Mouth’ is a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary who has superhuman accelerated healing abilities and amazing physical prowess. He was initially a direct rip-off of the Teen Titan’s Deathstroke and an antagonist who launched attacks against the new mutants. However, with the passing of time, he evolved into a hero in his own right by working alongside other superheroes (though not obediently)!

Truly, there is no end to the inherent goodness in humans. Some give into remorse and ascend the path of good. Some turn away from their old ways in order to atone for their past sins. Essentially, there is no real evil in this world. It is our choice which determines otherwise.