Fresher’s Welcoming Party

Merry. Fun-filled. Bonding and camaraderie. These are the 3 terms I would use to describe the Fresher’s Welcome Party that took place on the 25th of March, 2016. My perspective on this event was a rather unique one, as I was part of the organizing committee for the party. I was one of the 10 game masters, in charge of the board games that would be played that night.


Sunway Music Society Welcoming Party

We know that catching up with friends can be tough and as such, a welcome back party was thrown by Sunway Music Society on 19th February 2016 at Student Hub to welcome new members and to reunite the old. It was a great chance to see all those familiar faces.

Otaku Corner: Ai/ Koi? by Chloe Kong

Otaku Corner: Love is in the air By Chloe Kong Konnichiwa minna (Hello everyone!) Welcome back to another session of Otaku Corner! It is February and many would look forward to this month. Why? Because this month is the month of love. Other than celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year, where we share the love... Continue Reading →

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