Notice me, senpai by Alistair Soh

"Notice me, senpai~<3"


Chinese New Year Festival

On the 3rd of February, Chinese Independent School Alumni (CISA) organized a Chinese New Year Festival the celebrate the Year of the Monkey. The theme of the event, as it was associated with monkey and the Chinese tradition, was 'Journey to the West'. It's the 1st event at the open area of Sunway to have events and a night market all the way till 9pm at night! It was a platform for Sunway students to perform and it could be seen through their performance routine whereby most performers are Sunway students.

How Single People Spend Valentines Day by June Ong

 Hello dear human, does the date 14th of February signify anything to you? It’s Valen…sshhh….hush now, (waggles finger under your nose), noooo…..this is just an ordinary day, just like any other boring mundane lonely depressedDAYS!!!  Shoot, I just blew my cover, didn’t I? Fine you win, I’ll say it (admittedly quite grudgingly): “I’m single, just... Continue Reading →

Why we LOVE? By Clinton Wee

"Billions of dollars are spent on makeup, skincare products and magazines which outline effective dating tips. All this emphasis on how to love has blinded us to a more intriguing question-WHY do we love?"

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