Otaku Corner: New Years At Japan by Chloe

"Konnichiwa, minna! Welcome back to another corner of Otaku Corner! 2015 has came and went so let us welcome the year 2016 with a bang."


Happy New Year from USA! by June Ong

" 3…2…1… Happy New Year! With 12 chimes of the bell, we have officially ushered in the New Year. Leaving behind our dusty footprints on the pages of 31st of December and embracing the New Year with a great heap of enthusiasm and an equally great heap of New Year resolutions. "

Celebrating The New Year – German style

"Germans are well known for being party people. Majestic parties are thrown all over Germany in pubs, clubs, restaurants as well as discotheques, initiated on New Year’s Eve and it goes on the entire night to end on the next morning. "

Celebrating the New Year – Italian Style

"The Romans, and simply Italians in general, prepare for the New Year celebrations with great excitement and joy. Italians call the New Year’s Day “capodanno” which translates as “head of the year, while New Year’s Eve is called ‘notte di capodanno,’ or ‘sera di capodanno,’ for night or evening of capodanno, despite New Year’s Eve having its own distinctive name. "

A Look Back at Violence

2015 was also a year in which we repeatedly heard of attacks on various cities and countries; Paris, Palestine and not to mention the ongoing crisis of Syrian refugees. With the arrival of 2016, we can only hope that this year will bring about more of what we could only wish for - world peace.

Coffee & Waffles

Reviewed by: Christopher Liew Instead of reviewing Malaysian cafes, this time we are reviewing a cafe all the way in Taiwan’s Tamsui. The unique thing about this cafe is its location in the heart of the Old Street of Tamsui. They have only a small space available, but the utilized it the best they can by maximizing the usage of the area. The top floor was used as the dining area while the bottom floor was used to prepare meals and brew drinks.

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