Think About Pink

  “When a child gets a hug from his or her mother, if that hug were a colour, it would be pink”, says Karen Haller, an expert in colour and branding. From cotton candy to the rosy cheeks of newborns, from steamy love letters to female power rangers, pink has always been the superstar of all... Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas!

It's 2 days past Christmas, and I'm sure that all the presents have been opened by now (If you have received them. I, for one, did not receive any Christmas presents and I'm still sad about it). How did your Christmas go? ECHO's writers have been assigned to write a bit about Christmas in general, so here goes.

Otaku Corner: Iro

by Chloe Kong   Konnichiwa minna! (Eng: Hello everyone!) Welcome back to another Otaku Corner! The theme this time round is..about colours! Yes, a really pleasant topic to talk about. In this ‘issue’, I will be sharing with you some kanji about the various colours or iro (kanji: 色). So, let’s go!   The following... Continue Reading →

Orange by June Ong

"Why? All because no one paid a little more attention to her or lend her a pair of ears to listen to her. The death of a cheerful girl was the sacrifice needed to send society this message of plea."

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