90’s by June Ong

A trip to the 90's in a page


Horrors Of Our Time

Be afraid, be very afraid. It’s that time of the year again when the monsters are welcome and scares become an enjoyment. It’s Halloween time! Although considered a Western celebration, that doesn’t mean we in the East can get in on all the fun that comes with Halloween! So, to get into the spirit of things, here a few movies you could watch during the season of horrors and scare the wits out of yourself!

Ghosts: Are they real?

Ghosts; this word alone would create a heated debate, and spark up interesting conversations about stories that has been passed down from different people about these so-called “ghosts”. Now the big question is: do they really exist or not?


It was a beautiful morning. Trees were swaying gaily in the gentle breeze and there was a scrumptious scent of waffles wafting in the air. Stifling a yawn, I gingerly pulled myself out of my cozy snuggly bed and turned my head lazily to the right. Wait, my senses were immediately on high alert, where is my husband?

The Disturbing Truths about Classic Fairy Tales

If you are a fan of Disney’s works of classic fairy tales, I’m sure you can easily name a handful of their timeless masterpieces. Have you ever wondered though, why they all seem to have perfectly simple and favourable solutions to diabolical schemes plotted by the evil antagonists? That’s because Disney tales all end in lies!

The Note

There it is. There it is again. They’re everywhere. And there’s nowhere I can run to.

Treat and Treat

“Trick or Treat!!” - the infallible sales pitch used by children all over the world to obtain their beloved teeth-corroding treasure that is candy. Note how the phrase has evolved from a question to a straight-up statement. The ancient tradition of trick-or-treating goes way back to the invention of Halloween.

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