A Happier Tomorrow

by Elycia Lee

As she looks upon tomorrow
A day that’s filled with sorrow
If happiness could be borrowed,
Would it eventually start to follow?

When the fire flares and smoke billows
Her voice goes unheard though she bellows
Sadness makes things hard to swallow
What happened to that jolly fellow?

If you look through a different window
Oak and pine trees may turn to willows
Rather than in your grief you wallow
Seek the freedom of a sparrow.

Like a canvas that’s painted all yellow
Paddy fields stretch across the meadow
Good things are hidden behind shadows
But when uncovered, they form rainbows.

Though the road you walk is narrow
Don’t you let your eyebrows furrow
When one ages, one starts to mellow
Happiness is found deep within, not shallow.

Sun-U Choir – Kaleidoscope

On the 26th of August, Sunway Choir Club held their annual choral recital, “Kaleidoscope”.

Opening with a track from Avatar, then having pieces ranging from Viva La Vida to a very cute rendition of Buffalo Gals and a remix of Hey Soul Sister with Say It Again, Ms. Lai Suk Yin, the choral instructor of this team ended the recital with many thanks to the choir club members as well as the audiences along with the Sun-U Ensemble which performed with the Choir performers just before the intermission.

Here are some photos taken by one of our photographers, Christopher Liew. Spot yourself or your friends in there photos? Feel free to share them!

Viva La Botas

On the night of 17th September 2015, two of our photographers, Nicole Chin and Andrea Tai had the opportunity to enjoy the awesome performances by the Sunway Dance Club x Redmouse during the Viva la Botas event.

Other than the videos taken by Yannik Fernando here, we also share with you the photographs taken on that day. Spot yourself or your friends here? Feel free to share them around!

Alternate Universe – Part 1

By Chloe

‘I want to be a lawyer when I grow up!’

‘My dream is to become a successful doctor in the future!’

Being a child with big dreams, Aiko had always wanted to be someone successful in the future, be it a doctor, a lawyer or even a scientist. Aiko was in her final year in high school and it would be several months before she graduates.

Day by day, her friends and family asked countlessly about her decision for her future. However, truth to be told, Aiko had yet to make any. Everyday, she would wonder what the future held and what she would become once she stepped out of the walls of her high school.

“Ah man, what am I going to do? There is little time before graduation,” tossing and turning around in bed, she wondered aloud. It was already the beginning of October and there would be entrance examinations to prepare for. Not to mention that graduation was not far off as well. “Well, I guess I will eventually make my decision when the time comes,” She said to herself as she got into bed and fell asleep.


Another day arrived and Aiko was still troubled by the fact that she had not decided on  her future plans. Her parents asked her the same question yet again. Once more, she was not able to give them an answer, leaving both of them slightly disappointed.

It was a weekend so in the end she took a detour to the nearby park after breakfast, her favourite place to be alone. Upon arriving, Aiko took a seat in front of a gushing fountain and thought about what her parents questioned her earlier, her future plans.

After minutes of thinking, Aiko’s mind drifted off to the birds taking flight into the morning sky. Envy and the sense of urgency once again flooded her. “Being a bird would be nice,” She muttered.

Suddenly, a splash could be heard nearby, bringing the dreaming Aiko back to her senses. She quickly rushed over to the source of the splash to help. Thankfully, the fountain was shallow and the person who fell into it would not drown.

“Are you alright?” Aiko asked as she offered the blonde-haired casualty her handkerchief who had his head down the entire time.

“Yeah, I am fine, thanks for your-” The stranger looked up as he heard her voice but stopped midway as soon as Aiko got closer.

“Are you hu-,” When Aiko was able to see his face, her jaw dropped. Staring back at her was a pair of green eyes that were equally surprised as her. However, the main shock was that she was looking at someone who shared a similar face as her despite having different coloured eyes and hair. Not to mention a different gender too!


(To be continued)

Music Musings

by Tiffany Hoo

It is a fact, no doubt, that music is an intrinsic part of our lives. There is as much music in our lives as there are people in this world. Hence, there is also a diversity of music to which we listen in our everyday lives. However, with such a variety of music existing, there will be disagreements on which genre is the best.

Have you ever judged anyone for their taste in music? Or questioned the beauty of another genre of music someone else enjoys listening to? Well, this may be because our personal music preference reveals our personality difference. Think of it this way: since you were born, music can be heard from just about anywhere. Whether it’s from listening to the radio or hearing music blaring through the streets, the music you’ve grown up with is somewhat the soundtrack of your life. Your musical make-up, so to say. It is something which defines you and makes you, you!

Whether you’re a staunch believer in the rock and roll genre or a person who finds solace in classical ballads, the music you like is a reflection of your personality and we’ve narrowed this down to a few categories. Which one are you, you might ask? Well, see for yourself.

  1. Jazz

Advocates of the jazz genre are often regarded as intelligent and smart individuals. They also have a liberal mindset and are not easily influenced by others. They prefer to go their own paths and be who they are, not bothering to show pretences to those around them. They are also adventurers at heart and are often up to any challenges you throw at them.

  1. Heavy Metal

Hard-core heavy metal fans are often looked down upon due to their supposedly ‘violent’ preference in music. Although it is true that those who like the genre may be prone to social dominance and may be aggressive in getting things done their way, they are also often free-spirited and athletic as well.

  1. Ballads

You know you love ballads when John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ strikes you to your very core. Ballad lovers are often sensitive people who get emotional easily. They have no need to hide under a façade as they have no problem expressing themselves to others. However, often times emotions get the best of them and are unable to stay calm when facing a dilemma.

  1. Rock and roll

If you are a fan of the ever famous ‘Beatles’, you’ll know very well the beauty of rock and roll. Rock and roll fans are often enthusiastic people who are energetic and will strive tirelessly for what they believe in, making sure their efforts come to fruition.

  1. Hip Hop

This genre of music finds fans mostly amongst athletic people such as dancers, who enjoy expressing themselves through music and dance. Extroverts who can adapt themselves in almost any situation, hip hop lovers enjoy having a sense of freedom without feeling restricted.

Nevertheless, regardless of how different our taste in music may be, music is the bridge that is capable of linking us together. It transcends the boundary of distance and language, bringing us closer to one another and connecting our hearts together.



Tea. Oh wait no, you can’t have “tea”, you’re on a diet remember? Tea? All you’re allowed is 3 square meals a day (+ exercise).

Elephant, pig, sloth…… call me names, I don’t really care for you’ll never truly understand my love for food.

May the force be with you”, as quoted by my gym instructor. An amazing individual who unfortunately thinks that I have the strong willpower to resist junk food. Too bad, I can’t do it, more like “May the calories be burnt off from you”.

Plastic Barbie dolls, what is the stigma of being thin? We all say that we are liberal open-minded people who can accept who you are regardless of your body shape without ever judging you. Yeah right.

To hell with it, I’m going to eat that cheesecake. With my chin held defiantly up, I marched straight towards the lazy Susan, ready to devour that decadent piece of heaven.

Au revoir diet plan. It’s just me and this paradise-like crunchy-crusted creation. Nothing can and will ever come between us.

Terrible little thing you are, Mr. Cheesecake, look what you have done to me? What happened to the once cute little freckled girl? Well, she’s still here now, perhaps just slightly more……balloon-ish.

Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity while sitting under an apple tree. An apple, food, proving that food creates geniuses. Now who dares defy that?

Oh no, don’t waggle that finger at me and say that this is nonsense.

No, I stand proud here today to stake my claim in saying that we are allowed to eat whatever our hearts’ desire and don’t anyone dare to judge us.

STOP. Stop the mental stigma of body types. Remember, eat whatever you want and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!

Disclaimer: The author is not encouraging everyone to eat everything until reaching the extent of neglecting your health. Your health always comes first. This odd poetry was to create an awareness of not judging others based on their appearances and not to eat your life away. Thank you.


By: June