Otaku Corner: Words and Their Meanings

Konnichiwa and welcome to another segment of the Otaku Corner!


“Thank You”

“Thank you”. Two simple words that can make someone feel appreciated and make someone's day. Often we don't realise the power of these words and how much they matter. Saying those words cost nothing, and yet what I've realised is that we're stingy with them.

4 Money-Friendly Ways To Show Her You Care

by Tiffany Hoo It’s that time of the year where we celebrate the women who painstakingly carried us in their wombs for 9 months of their lives - Mother’s Day! Can’t afford that designer hand bag that she’s been eyeing as a present or that luxurious spa retreat she’s been wanting? Well, fear not! Here... Continue Reading →

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!2015 – Part 1 (Gallery)

On 2.6.2015, a campaign was held to raise the awareness of texting while driving. From Slogan competitions to the educational bazaar, this three-days event was a success! Instead of words, let us show you the event through these pictures.

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