Behind the Voices of the Characters

Voicing for a role is never an easy feed and it takes hard work, passion as well as dedication to be a good seiyuu. The road to success in the industry is a challenging one and all seiyuu must go through a lot of hurdles, training in order to succeed.


Espression 8 Café

Espression8 Café, now where do I begin? The moment you stepped into the warm ambience of the café, an aromatic espresso scent comes wafting through while you just gazed admiringly at the interior decor, even before you feast your eyes upon the dishes offered there.

The Plights of Student Rights

It’s safe to say that every educational institution should have a structure of student rights. Just like consumer, constitutional and civil rights, these rights are no less important in protecting its target group – students.

Why GST is the Best Thing to Happen to Malaysia

Malaysia has recently hit a rough patch, with the news of the GST implementation assailing the people. However, GST is a good thing for Malaysia; it’s not tragic. That’s right, it doesn’t make people sad. It just makes people irritated, and it’s a well-known fact that when people are indignant and fired up, they do everything more intensely.

Book Review

The novel revolves around Little Bee, a Nigerian refugee, and Sarah O'Rourke, a magazine editor from Surrey, who became inextricably bound to one another following a brief encounter they shared in their past.

Install The New Generation – Student Council Installation

As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new”, the day has finally come for the new generation of brave knights to step up to the round table. The term of the Sunway University Student Council (Term 2014/2015) may come to an end but that is not the end of that amazing student leadership body.

TEDx – Be Inspired

Just when you think going for a talk would drain your attention, TED proves you mistaken. Despite it being the first ever TED talk in Sunway University, it was a really worthwhile experience.

Communication Tips – 5C

Communication is the key in any relationship. For a tranquil life with another individual, proper and functional communication is essential and it is the main means to understand the need of the other party.

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