Colourfest – Freshies’ Night 2015

By Sim Wan Yong

Oh. My. God. If you were not one of the students who went to the sold-out Freshies’ Night 2015, you missed out on a night of amazing performances by talented Sunway students. Organised by the Student Council and Student Action Team in collaboration with myBurgerLab and Red Bull (they came from Europe!), the show for the night started with Kelvin Ang’s acoustic guitar performance followed by Edmund Tan’s beatboxing that got the crowd cheering and fan(girl/boy)ing.

Credits to photographers
Credits to photographers

Featuring the latest hits such as Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’, the Music Club, Dance Club, Generation Y Band and other students’ performances got the crowd cheering to the point of getting sore throats the next day.

Were you aware of the fact that the Twitter tag #FRESHIESNIGHT became the 3rd hottest tag in Malaysia that night because of the live tweet feeds? Imagine the number of students who posted their photos and tweets with the tag during the whole course of the event that it became a trend on Twitter within approximately two hours!

Credits to photographers
Credits to photographers

Other than the performances and tweets, there were also some light refreshments as well as a free photo booth at the back of the hall. There, students used props to get their photos taken. Surely, no one would give up a chance of having their photos taken with a DSLR on the night all the participants dressed up so pretty now, would they?

In the midst of the singing and dancing, six students were selected to play a game in teams of three. They were instructed to drink water, flip the cup on the table before kicking the feather shuttlecock 5 times in a row, finish a can of coke and whistling afterwards. The team that successfully cleared all activities won limited edition Freshies’ Night T-shirts while the other team got badges.

Credits to photographers
Credits to photographers
The night ended with a rave session conducted by two DJs. The dance-off battle between several students kept the onlookers’ eyes glued on them while others raved to the beats dropped during in the song mixes. The party lasted all the way till midnight, with the participants tired, maybe a little sweaty, but definitely happy and their money was definitely well spent!

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