A (Red) Pocket Guide to Chinese New Year

By Vina Paramitha & Natasha Effendy Chinese New Year is just around the corner! This festival celebrates the beginning of a new year based on the traditional Chinese Lunar calendar, which makes it an extremely important holiday in China. However, as the population and culture of ethnic Chinese continue to expand globally, Chinese New Year is also celebrated in many other Asian countries, such as … Continue reading A (Red) Pocket Guide to Chinese New Year

Art Expo Malaysia 2019

Malaysia is bursting at the seams with talent and culture, a hub for artists all around the globe to meet at annual art related conventions, expos and galleries. Some examples such as Comic Fiesta, Tattoo Expos and, of course, the famous Art Expo Malaysia.  Continue reading Art Expo Malaysia 2019

Monthly Musings – Endings and Beginnings

To readers old and new, thank you for joining us for a fresh new year of curious content brought to you by bright, young writers from Sunway University and College. Monthly Musings introduces Echo Media’s theme for creative articles each month and poses a question to our team of creative writers. Writers’ answers are compiled and published to get the month’s content rolling. 

As such, 2020’s first month talks about Endings and Beginnings as we enter not just another year of existence but a whole new decade. We’ve come far and while there’s much to celebrate, there is also plenty to leave behind this year — fast fashion, usage of single-use plastics or paper, discrimination, to name a few — and start afresh. 

We asked our writers — 

 “What is the one thing you are letting go/welcoming in 2020?” Continue reading Monthly Musings – Endings and Beginnings


My dear reader,

If you could change the world with a drop of ink, would you?

Because if all the ink I have left is the blood flowing in my veins, then I’ll tell a story till they find my drained corpse on the floor.

Despite my resolve, the uncertainties still cause my fingers to shake and my mind to be clouded with doubt.

I don’t know what came over me to write this letter. I don’t even know if this will get anywhere. However, if by chance, someone is reading this—if you are reading this… well, these words would serve as my last. Quite unfortunate, I would say. But then again, is there really any point in telling you? After all, humans couldn’t care less when it comes to the well-being of people they do not know.  Continue reading Untitled

Movie Review: Last Christmas

By Jaclyn Heng Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here’s hoping that everyone is busy making great memories – whether it is spending quality time with family, going for a night out with friends, or simply relaxing at home and Netflix-ing cliche Christmas movies.  I have to admit, I’m an absolute sucker for sentimental romantic movies. So when the trailer for Last Christmas dropped, it seemed … Continue reading Movie Review: Last Christmas

Christmas Treats

It’s that time of the year again. Every shopping mall you enter, every radio station you tune in to, the usual merry tone of Jingle Bells will be playing through the speakers. 

Christmas is a time to gather for a potluck with family and friends, a time to return back to our hometowns to bask in the familiar comfort and warmth that only family somehow emanates. A time to unwind and relax, indulge in some good food (trust me, nobody cares about their diet plans at this point) and some Christmas treats! Continue reading Christmas Treats