I’m Better than You

Most of us have had that feeling of being watched as we walked past a big crowd or entered an unfamiliar room for the first time. Depending on our self esteem, we would have felt either superior or inferior to these strangers (unless we were too tired or hungry to care about the thoughts of others). However, it is more common for a majority of us to feel the latter rather than possess the feeling that we are a step above others. But why is this?


Engraved Ink; Unuttered Rage

Engraved Ink At the end when the heartbeat stops And the lifeline leaves the chest I would have remembered to have left behind the words Delicately penned To wonder the soul yet to read my lines Would have deciphered my mind A writing dedicated to writers written by: Mugilaa Selvaraja

A Cuppa Coffee with Dr Elizabeth Lee

At 4.00pm on Thursday 25th of October crowds of people began to fill the infamous Lunch Box, a cafe restaurant situated on the first floor of the Sunway University building. This was the event space of ‘A Cuppa Coffee w/ Dr. Elizabeth Lee’, a casual talk with the senior and executive director of Sunway Education Group where students and adults alike were able to share their thoughts and insights of Sunway’s future.


unchLain was a charitable stand up comedy event which was held on the 19th of October 2018 at JC2) of Sunway University from 7.30pm to 10.00pm. The event consisted of five budding stand up comedians in Malaysia, a music performance by a member of the Department of Communication and Liberal Arts (DCLA) alumni, and an interactive game involving the audience.

Togetherlah! Lokal Night

Togetherlah!’s Lokal Night was a colourful display of Malaysian art and talent organised by Sunway University’s Department of Communication and Liberal Arts (DCLA). Organising this event was not only merely a fun experience but also, a requirement for their degree coursework to prepare them to enter the field of public relations and media planning.

Worst Nightmares

Which dreams are the worst? Having your heart hammering as you fall off a cliff, feeling the wind fail to break your fall as you see the ground getting closer and closer; being tickled till you reach the point of suffocation; feeling bound in slow motion while everyone else around you still moves normally; having your teeth fall out one by one?

Sunway Sports Carnival Opening Ceremony 

Throughout the 2nd week of October 2018, Sunway University and Sunway College hosted the big event that sports enthusiasts had been gearing up for; Sunway Sports Carnival! All of the athletes were eager to compete with each other in their respective sports such as football, captain’s ball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, chess and the fitness challenge.

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