Love in Literature: 5 unconventional romances in books

“Your resistance to my existence is futile.”

In 384 pages, S. K. Ali brought together the yearning of my oh-so representation-hungry heart; a love story of two expat kids coincidentally meeting at the airport. The cover should tell you that much, but what it does hide under the cover is a beautifully crafted narrative written through the diary entries of Adam and Zayneb (‘A to Z’) as they record the marvels and oddities that dot their chaotically, vibrant lives as migrants, siblings and activists. Adam; recording more marvels, Zayneb; recording more oddities, what happens when the two meet…? A love story of three parts: 1. Adam, 2. Zayneb and 3. Adam & Zayneb together. Continue reading Love in Literature: 5 unconventional romances in books

Playing with Tinder Boxes: How to Safely Date Online

With the advancement of technology, humans have found many ways to take advantage of this: from the harvesting of solar energy, to the creation of robots that take your order and serve you food. But we’re not talking about that. Today, we’re talking about the creation of online dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, Bumble and so on.  Continue reading Playing with Tinder Boxes: How to Safely Date Online

Love Languages Crash Course

For those unacquainted with the term, a “love language” is an expression of affection. The idea was founded by marriage counsellor Gary Chapman, who wrote a book – The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts. In his book, Chapman categorized the ways people express and accept love and affection into 5 different categories: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. 


You might be thinking something along the lines of I’m just in college! I don’t even have a boyfriend/girlfriend! How would this even be useful for me?  Continue reading Love Languages Crash Course

A Nyonya Reunion

An orange sun, a blue sky and cool weather; perfect ingredients for a scrumptious day where I had a truly magnificent experience! On the 15th of January 2020, the Sunway University Chinese Independent School Alumni (CISA) graced us with ‘A Nyonya Reunion’ as part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. There was a fun fair on the 15th, while the opening ceremony fell on the 16th of January. CISA is an association of all students who went to the Chinese Independent School. They have this club in several schools, in order to keep the connection with each other. The event was kicked off by the honoured guests, Mr Teo Ee Sing, Dr Elizabeth Lee and Prof. Pua Eng Chong.  Continue reading A Nyonya Reunion

Monthly Musings – Endings and Beginnings

To readers old and new, thank you for joining us for a fresh new year of curious content brought to you by bright, young writers from Sunway University and College. Monthly Musings introduces Echo Media’s theme for creative articles each month and poses a question to our team of creative writers. Writers’ answers are compiled and published to get the month’s content rolling. 

As such, 2020’s first month talks about Endings and Beginnings as we enter not just another year of existence but a whole new decade. We’ve come far and while there’s much to celebrate, there is also plenty to leave behind this year — fast fashion, usage of single-use plastics or paper, discrimination, to name a few — and start afresh. 

We asked our writers — 

 “What is the one thing you are letting go/welcoming in 2020?” Continue reading Monthly Musings – Endings and Beginnings