Beyond Labels: The Story Behind

Do you remember the last time you felt rejected because someone thought you were ‘different’? Did you speak up about it? Or is your story among the many stories that have been swept under the rug? Continue reading Beyond Labels: The Story Behind


7 Factors to Consider When Getting a Pet

I’m a 90’s kid who grew up reading Famous Five and watching Clifford the Big Red Dog. It’s hardly a surprise when I tell you that I’ve always wanted a pet dog. The idea of having a furry friend who loves you unconditionally, who will guard you from danger and run around with you ⎼ matching that explosive energy of youth ⎼ all seemed like a pretty good package to a younger me. Continue reading 7 Factors to Consider When Getting a Pet

14 Writers, 1 Prompt: What’s Your Definition of Family?

My father cuts fruits for us every day, without fail. At 9pm we munch on slices of pear and watch Japanese news because it’s the only channel worth watching anymore. The cat ignores me yet again to lie down in front of the TV. Sometimes my mother makes a disparaging comment about Japanese fashion being weird, but that’s fine. It’s still fun to watch.

This is what family is to me, I guess. An uncomfortably hot evening spent in silence again and again. No grand gestures, just plain old routine. That’s what families are built on, anyway. A routine that repeats and repeats and before you know it, a quiet love is forged. Continue reading 14 Writers, 1 Prompt: What’s Your Definition of Family?

Chinese Orchestra Annual Concert 2019

Saturday 10th of May, pre-event: The enthusiastic chattering and lively atmosphere was more than apparent. Many had gathered in the JC Hall and were anticipating getting to watch the Chinese Orchestra’s Annual Concert. Established only in July 2018, the Sunway University Chinese Orchestra already has achieved Gold with Honors Award in the Chinese Orchestra Ensemble Competition category at the Red Sonata Fiesta International Arts Festival 2018, which is no easy feat. Continue reading Chinese Orchestra Annual Concert 2019

Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads to Carry You Through Life

The challenges of life, especially at the brink of adulthood, often tend to be tough and depressing. There’s so much to do and so little time. Doors that once seemed as open as a mother’s arms have suddenly sealed shut, and the ones that remain open beckon towards a path with fewer helping hands. It does seem like a lonely trek, doesn’t it? Continue reading Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads to Carry You Through Life

SISA’s African Night

Tsamina mina eh eh, waka waka eh eh! The nostalgic song, Waka Waka by Shakira could be heard booming from Sunway University’s Art Gallery on the 2nd of May 2019. Sunway International Student Ambassadors (SISA) held an event called African Night, with the purpose to celebrate and educate Sunway students about the diverse cultures in Africa, and most importantly for the students to have fun. Each of the performances held that night represented each country found in Africa. Continue reading SISA’s African Night